Save Lives By Joining This Organization And Stop People Drunk Driving

Oct 20, 2020

AngelLift is a newly launched service across the US. The mission behind the service is to stop accidents caused by drunk or impaired drivers as the team say it is the leading cause of death in healthy US people each year.

Do you want to support an initiative designed to save lives in local communities? Have you considered donating or volunteering your time? If you are looking to make a difference, this is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

A new organization has launched a membership and donation plan to support its mission of preventing drunk and impaired driving. In case you are wondering, AngelLift offers you access to a rideshare and designated driver service, which means if you go out to events or parties, you can still get home with your car.

You can find out more at

The newly launched range of services is available in over 500 locations, but the team behind AngelLift have ambitious plans to grow the organization in a bid to reduce impaired driving and the devastating effects it can have on families. They explain automobile accidents are one of the leading causes of death for healthy people in the US each year.

Services currently offered by the company that are available to you include the AngelChauffer service, which enables you to book a driver to drive you and your car. You can book the service by the hour whether you are attending an event or end up having one too many after work drinks with your colleagues.

You can also use the AngelLift service if you are impaired but need to get yourself and your car home. The service is competitively priced and often costs you less to use than a taxi. AngelParty is ideal for you if you are hosting a corporate or organized event and you require a shuttle or taxi service at the end of the evening.

Two options are available, and the teams will be on the premises for the last three hours of your event. The idea behind the service is to save your organization money while also keeping your employees safe after a social evening.

If you are interested in getting involved, volunteer registration is currently open and provides the ideal opportunity for you to give back to your local community and get involved with a project designed to save lives. The team behind the initiative say you can easily make a difference by donating, volunteering, or sharing AngelLift updates in your local area.

A company spokesperson said: “You can help prevent impaired driving. With your participation in our membership program, we can make a difference. As a member, you will receive our lowest fare of custom designated driver services.”

You can find out more or get involved today via the link provided!

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