Santa Clarita Socially Prescribed Creative Writing: In-Home Memory Stimulation

May 23, 2024

While there’s no cure for conditions like Alzheimer’s, there are ways to slow cognitive decline and improve quality of life. Elder Manage Care (630-638-1489) incorporates creative pursuits into its in-home care services to stimulate memory and promote well-being for the elderly.

Do you have a family member who is suffering from dementia and is starting to need more help with daily living? Wondering what you can do to slow their decline and improve their quality of life?

Elder Manage Care is revolutionizing dementia care by combining in-home support services with creative writing in the Santa Clarita, CA, area. Find out how your loved ones could benefit from cognitive stimulation at

The company promotes socially prescribed writing tasks that harness the therapeutic effects of creativity on stressed and confused seniors. Backed by expert in-home care services, the team provides support for both the body and the mind, potentially reducing the need for medication.

A New Model Of Dementia Treatment

This type of non-medical intervention can offer you a way to combat degenerative decline and delay the onset of symptoms associated with dementia and Alzheimer's. The cognitive and social element of Elder Manage Care's services sets it apart from other providers that focus solely on physical and medical needs and supporting daily living.

The Research

Several studies have explored the effects of social prescribing in the treatment of cognitive decline. A paper published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews collated results from several trials demonstrating that cognitive stimulation programs benefitted people suffering from mild to moderate dementia – over and above the effects of any prescribed medication. Elder Manage Care also conducted a study assessing the effects of its creative writing program on patients. Results showed significant increases in memory capacity and quality of life.

It's a difficult and distressing thing to see an elderly relative slip away from you. Unlock the potential of creativity to reignite that spark and make the most of their later years.

The Magic Of Creativity

While dementia has no known cure, Elder Manage Care's socially prescribed cognitive treatment offerings can mitigate the decline of mental faculties. Storytelling, extended conversation, word puzzles, artwork, and creative writing all play a role in halting the progress of dementia. The materials produced in these sessions are compiled and passed on to you as keepsakes.

“We encourage an active mind,” a spokesperson says. “Any creative exercise reviving memories from your lifetime including your childhood, family history, career, parenting, meaningful professional and personal relationships, and your personal words of wisdom are all part of your cherished past and legacy. New experiences help build new pathways in the brain, keeping an aging mind as healthy, satisfied, and engaged as possible.”

Editing Team

To facilitate this process, Elder Manage Care employs a team of editors to assist patients enrolled in the creative writing program. Creative writing support can be tailored to the needs of individuals and customized to include editing, revision, proofreading, author mentorship, peer workshops, ghostwriting, and writing practice.

Holistic In-Home Care

Support for all creative endeavors is provided in combination with the company's expert care services. Varying levels of support are available from companion care – for those who can largely take care of themselves – to personal care assistance – incorporating all daily care needs from hygiene to meal preparation – and home healthcare which provides medical and therapeutic support from trained professionals.

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Alternatively, why not reach out to the Elder Manage Care team today to discuss how they could help you and your family?

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