Non-Medical Interventions For Cognitive Decline In Tarzana With Creative Writing

Jun 19, 2024

The medical community is waking up to the power of social prescribing. Sure, we need physical care but life is more than just physiology. Elder Manage Care is putting socialization and creativity at the heart of its in-home memory care services.

If you or someone you love are showing signs of dementia or Alzheimer's and you're wondering what can be done to halt the decline of mental faculties, a Tarzana care service might just have the answer!

Elder Manage Care combines in-home nursing and assisted living solutions with a unique program of creative writing to help stimulate the ailing mind. More details at


The services can help mitigate cognitive decline through creative pursuits from writing, storytelling, and artwork to word puzzles and mindfulness exercises. The materials produced in the sessions are compiled into keepsakes that can be passed on to your family members, providing comforting mementos in what is a distressing period for loved ones. The creative writing exercises help revive memories from throughout a client's lifetime, capturing stories and anecdotes that might otherwise be lost forever.

Editing & Mentorship

The Elder Manage Care team can provide varying levels of creative support depending on patient needs. For some, simple proofreading and editing is all they require while for others, a more advanced author mentorship is needed. The company also offers writing practice sessions, creative conversations, peer workshops, and ghostwriting. Whatever stage you're at, they can help bring your creativity to life!

Social Prescribing

The services align with a global trend toward social prescribing which promotes the idea that your social habits and health are just as crucial as physical and mental factors in overall well-being. Organizations such as Social Prescribing USA are coordinating a grassroots network of physicians and conducting studies to explore and pioneer new social approaches to healthcare. The movement encourages doctors to think beyond purely pharmaceutical interventions and consider the arts, nature, and volunteering initiatives as viable additions to standard treatments.

Custodial Care

With its in-home care program, Elder Manage Care combines this type of social support with general custodial care for its clientele, covering everything from washing, grooming, household chores, nutritional eating, and mobility support. Regular visits from the care team offer companionship and much-needed socialization to your elderly relatives.

They Say...

“Nine out of ten older adults would prefer to live independently in the home they know and love rather than moving to a facility or assisted living community,” a spokesperson says. “With the right level of support, most people can continue to live safely and comfortably at home even as they age with a progressive illness or medical condition.”

Medical Care

The company can provide medical care too with a team of qualified professional caregivers on hand to deliver therapy and dispense medications.

Reignite that creative spark with social prescribing and pioneering cognitive stimulation from Elder Manage Care!

Here's more information describing how Elder Manage Care combines traditional in home services with memory care

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