Same-Day Cosmetic Dental Treatments In Ventura: Get Teeth Whitening & Implants

May 27, 2023

If you want the best smile – you need the best dentist, and you can find them at the Anacapa Dental Art Institute (805-988-8985). Their experts are so good, they literally wrote the book on dental implants, and teach other dentists all around the world.

Let me ask you a question.

Are your teeth important to you? Like, really important?

So important, that you use them every single day?

Me too - what a coincidence!

That's why when I go to the dentist, I make sure I'm going to the best. The best of the best.

I don't want my teeth worked on by someone who just graduated, and is still referring back to the book, do you?

No, you want your teeth worked on by the person who wrote the book, teaches the class, and could probably do the whole operation with his eyes closed (though I promise you, he won't).

I can say with absolute confidence who that is - because I just checked who wrote the book, who teaches the class, and who was voted Best In The USA by his peers - and they're all the same person.

It's Dr. Saj Jivraj, from the Anacapa Dental Art Institute - you might have even seen him on TV lately, because he was featured on both Fox and PBS.

If you already know they're the best, and just want to get to their website, you can just click here - and if you're not convinced yet, keep reading.

While Dr. Jivraj is the best - his whole team comes in a very close second.

The Anacapa Dental Art Institute only hires the best, with extensive training and experience - but that's only half the story. They also have a cutting-edge in-house dental lab, that makes my old dentist's office look like something out of a museum.

Between their top-tier team, innovative high-tech tools, and full dental lab - they can manage most dental services in a single day. Veneers? Whitening? Contouring? No problem.

Even if you need several of those services, or a few others, they can combine them all into one smile makeover, in a single visit.

They can even surgically implant a fully functioning, natural-looking set of dentures - in just one visit.

In fact, you could say that's their specialty. It's called the All-On-4 procedure - and it's pretty awesome. You can show up in the morning with your stained, chipped, discolored, or missing teeth - and when you leave, they're all perfect.

Well... no, that's not quite accurate - when you leave, they're all gone.

But you'll have a brand new set, already installed and ready to chew, and it will look way better than your old ones. They won't hurt either.

If you're experiencing pain when you chew, talk, breathe, or just exist - because of your teeth - then I cannot recommend this enough. Let Dr. Jivraj fix you up with a new set, and it will be like a whole new lease on life, pain-free, and with a beautiful new smile.

To make it even better, with their in-house lab and tools, you don't need to stick those gross dental impression trays in your mouth, ever again. You know the ones I'm talking about right?

The dentist always says it tastes like bubblegum, and it's gonna be fine - but then it actually tastes terrible, and feels like it's going to rip out all of your teeth? That one. They don't use those.

Instead, and please don't laugh - they use a camera on a stick.

Well... okay, it's actually a series of different high-tech scanners, but that's pretty much what it looks like, and how it works. Just like looking around your mouth with a little dentist's mirror, except they're recording in high-definition 3D.

The point is, it is a lot more comfortable, and you don't have to pick between gross fake rootbeer flavor or gross fake bubblegum flavor.

All these fancy tools let the surgical team make impressions and models of your mouth, without ever touching it - and they use those models to make your procedure faster and more efficient.

In fact, they're so good at placing implants, that the All-On-4 plus technique provides the same stability and durability as traditional implants, but it uses only 4 implants instead of the usual 6 or 8. It also doesn't require any bone grafts - and believe me, that's a good thing.

On rare occasions, a client's mouth may require extra implants because of the shape of their jaw - but you don't need to worry about that. It's not very common, and when it does happen, the surgical team just implants as many posts as necessary, at no extra cost.


Because their priority is making sure that your teeth are the best they can be - it's that simple.

They even provide a warranty.

A warranty for your teeth, and a warranty for your implants - combine that with a new set of implanted dentures, and you're practically unstoppable.

Just don't forget to ask about your sedation options - because they do that too.

Get all the details at

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