Safely Move Your Pets to Kapolei HI With This Local Military Relocation Realtor

Mar 18, 2021

Looking for specialist moving guides and PCS support in Kapolei, HI? Call the local property expert MaryJo McGillicuddy find out more about buying and selling Hawaiian real estate today!

Always be informed before attempting to relocate pets and animals to Hawaii - visit the local Kapolei-based realty expert specializing in military relocation and PCS MaryJo McGillicuddy to get the custom moving solutions you need!

MaryJo McGillicuddy, a certified military relocation professional and local Hawaiian real estate expert, has recently expanded her comprehensive property services, offering support to people looking to move their pets and other animals to the island.

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This newly updated service is ideal for military and ex-military personnel interested in purchasing property in Hawaii, such if you are pursuing PCSs (permanent change of station), in addition to if you are looking to sell in the area. MaryJo McGillicuddy is an affiliate agent of Coldwell Banker Realty and has years of experience in the Hawaiian property market.

On the recently expanded full-service property site, McGillicuddy showcases a number of detached, single-family properties and condos in Waianae, Kaneohe, Kapolei, Honolulu, Waipahu, Ewa Beach, and beyond. On the Coldwell Banker Realty platform, you can browse MaryJo McGillicuddy’s premium listings, investment opportunities, and previous sales, including full photo portfolios, essential property data, and mortgage calculators.

The recently updated realty platform also features a custom home valuation tool that allows you to calculate an estimate sales price if you are interested in selling, based on market data and unique property features of you home. Moreover, McGillicuddy can help to optimize your sale through her effective local and digital marketing techniques and her extensive experience within the property industry.

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Moving your pets to Hawaii can be more complex that moving within other areas of the US given the state’s specific and restrictive animal quarantine laws. These laws are designed to protect the natural ecosystems on the island clusters, such as preventing the spread of rabies and non-native predators such as snakes. McGillicuddy offers you a comprehensive online guide to relocating your animals, such as cats and dogs, to the island communities.

The newly published guide features a step-by-step explanation of each stage of the move. As well as ensuring you have your animals microchipped, vaccinated, and tested for rabies, McGillicuddy recommends presenting original documentation and fully-completed forms to prevent pets from being quarantined unnecessarily at your expense.

MaryJo McGillicuddy is the Coldwell Banker expert realtor specializing in PCS military and pet relocation - call her today at +1-808-724-4629 to find out more about safely relocating animals to Kapolei HI!

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