Rotorua Eco-Tourism Traveler’s Guide: Explore Geothermal Pools & Native Forests

Apr 19, 2024

Up to 76% of people want to travel more sustainably, but how do you do that? With this new guide, Ever Wonder Adventure explains why Rotorua, New Zealand, is a model of eco-friendly tourism.

Tourism That Gives Back

When you visit a natural wonder, it’s important to not only take away cherished memories, but to support its preservation for the future. Rotorua, New Zealand, is a model of sustainable tourism, and Ever Wonder Adventure explains the sights, sounds - and smells - that await.

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From geothermal pools to tours through the canopy of majestic redwood forests, Rotorua is a natural wonderland. All this - and much more - is detailed in the comprehensive travel guide, and a purchase from their merch store will support more guides just like this one.

Ever Wonder Adventure’s travel series highlights destinations from all over the world that are working to protect the natural environment. In addition to Rotorua, the series also now covers Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle in northern Thailand, along with the Trans Bhutan Trail, and many others.

“Discover the wonder of Rotorua’s geothermal landscapes, home to phenomena like the Pōhutu geyser at Te Puia,” a company representative explained. “These natural hotspots are not just tourist attractions but also a testament to the city's dedication to eco-friendly tourism, with initiatives by Rotorua Canopy Tours to rejuvenate native forests and support environmental conservation.”

A First Of Its Kind

Established by local businesses in 1998, the Rotorua Sustainable Charter was a first-of-its-kind initiative in New Zealand that promotes sustainable tourism practices. Since its inception, over 13 other regions in the country have adopted the same model, reflecting its success. 

The new guide from Ever Wonder Adventure was developed to offer insights into the range of local attractions that you can experience, such as geothermal sites, Whakarewarewa Forest, and local Māori villages.

About Ever Wonder Adventure

As environmentally responsible traveling becomes more prevalent, Ever Wonder Adventure sought to create an all-in-one resource detailing the leading eco-tourism destinations from all around the world. The website also offers covering pressing conservation issues, such as protecting sea turtles and reducing global food waste.

“Ever Wonder Adventure aims to foster awareness and a commitment to restoring the balance between humanity and nature,” the company continues. “Together, we can safeguard our planet's cherished treasures, but we need support in our ongoing mission. If you gain some inspiration from our series, please visit our merchandise store and consider making a purchase.”

If you’re planning an eco-friendly trip but aren’t sure where to go, Ever Wonder Adventure provides all the advice you’ll ever need.

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