Roosevelt, UT’s Top Eco-Friendly Exterminator Eliminates Ants, Roaches & Hornets

May 21, 2024

Make sure your home is free of pests this summer by calling the exterminators at eco-friendly pest control company Pickett Pest Control (435-781-0111) in Roosevelt, UT.

With summer quickly approaching, you need to make sure that bugs and other pests aren't going to be bothering you and your family. To ensure this is done properly, you need to hire a trusted company like Pickett Pest Control in Roosevelt, UT! They provide extermination treatments for ants, roaches, and other invasive pests. The treatments are kid- and pet-friendly and available either the same day or the next day depending on your situation.

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Green Pest Control Solutions!

Pickett Pest Control’s extermination services have been carefully designed to be tough on pests but not the environment. “As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of keeping your family safe,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Our commitment to using green, organic, and eco-friendly practices and products ensures that we eliminate your pest problem while keeping your family’s health as a top priority.”

An Easy Process!

A typical extermination call starts with a full inspection of your property. During this inspection, Pickett Pest Control analyzes the extent of your infestation and determines which treatments will be most effective. Based on their recommendations, you choose your preferred pest control plan and then Pickett Pest Control performs the applicable treatments.

Currently, Pickett Pest Control offers three pest control plans — Standard, Advanced, and Premium. These plans cover several different species of pests, including ants, roaches, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, hornets, rodents, fleas, ticks, and bed bugs.

Pickett Pest Control addresses infestations promptly and effectively and aims to eliminate the possibility of future infestations.

Whenever You Need Them!

Pickett Pest Control recommends you schedule an inspection at least once a year to make sure that no new infestations have developed and that any preventative measures put in place during previous treatments are still doing their jobs.

To make the process of scheduling inspections easier, Pickett Pest Control has set up an online scheduling and payment platform where you can manage all your pest control services in one place.

About Pickett Pest Control

A locally owned and operated business, Pickett Pest Control has been providing its clients with professional pest control and extermination services since 2014. In addition to Roosevelt, the company also serves Vernal, Daggett County, Duchesne County, and Uintah County.

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