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Apr 19, 2024

If you’re starting to think more seriously about your retirement plans, resist the “investment app” hype and turn to the wealth managers at Goldstone Financial Group in Rockford, IL for personalized advice you can rely on (630-620-9300).

While the digital era brought us all kinds of reliable conveniences - online food delivery and online shopping, for example - your retirement savings are too valuable for an online shopping cart. As investment apps grow in popularity, they're also being criticized for using gamification tactics that encourage investments and reward increased activity. This digital dysmorphia is rooted in tracking technologies configured not with your name or personal success in mind, but in the ways they can benefit founding app owners and their stakeholders.

Get the informed, personalized wealth management and investment advice you deserve from the experts at Goldstone Financial Group at

Goldstone Financial Group is a fiduciary firm with specialized investment advisors and wealth managers who are bound by law to act in your best interests. This commitment ensures your retirement recommendations are the product of knowledgeable, objective, and transparent advice rooted within SEC or state securities regulations.


Your Goldstone advisor is here to discuss different investment options with you, based on your priorities and criteria. An investment app, on the other hand, will leave it to you to figure these things out on your own.

And here's the rub: with advancements in robo-investment platforms leading to higher online visibility of apps promising lower fees and higher returns, it's easier than ever to get drawn into this form of investing with the hopes of growing your money faster.

But, a survey conducted by The Penny Hoarder reveals only 42% of respondents with limited investment knowledge saw a positive return using an investment app.


Retirement planning involves an array of additional considerations beyond building a diversified portfolio, including navigating IRA, 401(k), and annuity decisions and other savings and tax-minimizing strategies. It is a complex area of finance that warrants a full understanding of your financial situation, tax bracket, and your future lifestyle goals. 

Here's what a Goldstone Financial Group spokesperson said recently:

“As a fiduciary firm, we offer expertise in personalized retirement planning tailored to your goals, risk tolerance, and financial situation. While it’s never too late to start planning and saving for retirement, this is not a good time to make risky investment decisions based on what internet gurus say.”


Online hype can be hard to ignore because it is highly persuasive. And unless you're in the finance sector, you don't have time to become an expert in financial markets and how they're influenced by the Fed, the economy, and the internet.

Furthermore, if you're in retirement, monitoring market movements and sector statistics can quickly become a huge draw on your freedom!

Wealth managers and investment planners are here to do this work for you.

Remember when the tech industry took a huge dive in 2022 and stocks fell 30%? Investors lost $7.4 trillion in total.

Then there was the surge in "meme stocks" prompted by GameStop and its underlying David vs. Goliath conflict. This event generated increases in share prices that in turn led to a "buy now, buy more" mindset, setting up investors who opted in at the top of the craze for instant and catastrophic loss despite the initial, pro-investor goal.

These events are just two of many reasons why we have specialized wealth managers and financial advisors - experts who can see these waves approaching and help you batten down - or rise up - to weather or leverage them.


A successful retirement plan begins with long-term and short-term strategies.

The wealth managers and investment planners at Goldstone Financial Group can advise you on buy and sell investment strategies in addition to formulating plans geared toward your short- and long-term investment goals, income generation, and your asset growth goals. No app, regardless of how sophisticated it is, can match the benefits of an in-person meeting and a long-term business relationship.


As a high-net-worth individual, you have unique investment goals, a different risk tolerance, and your own liquidity needs.

The wealth managers at Goldstone Financial Group offer specialized and informed strategies geared toward these priorities, including an in-house team of tax experts who specialize in minimizing tax liabilities, maximizing tax-efficient investment returns, and optimizing wealth transfer for future generations.

They also offer comprehensive market and investment outlooks which they can adapt to meet your personal goals.

Contrary to today’s impersonal investment apps, Goldstone Financial Group offers the wealth management and investment expertise you deserve. They're here to help you build the most appropriate retirement plan based on your tax bracket, your risk tolerance, your investment horizon, and your income goals.

Let us not eschew the value of personalized, face-to-face services. Connect with a certified wealth manager at Goldstone Financial Group today:

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