Riveting Tale Of Journey From PTSD and Depression To Motivational Speaker

Dec 11, 2020

Overcome PTSD and the depression and addictions that are a part of this syndrome. Baz Porter’s new book, “Using Trauma to Thrive”, traces his inspiring steps to victory over this debilitating disorder.

The book "Using Trauma to Thrive" is a must-have if you are struggling with PTSD. This autobiographical book chronicles Baz Porter's journey from the darkness of depression and addiction to world-renown speaker, life coach, and spiritual leader. 

For further information see https://bazporter.com/product/using-trauma-to-thrive

The author, a British army veteran, wants you to know that PTSD can be overcome. He shares the steps he took to overcome PTSD that controlled his life after experiencing severe military service trauma.

He assures his readers that they too can be victors and not victims of the depression and addictions that often accompany PTSD. His deepest desire is that you believe you can control PTSD and not have it ruin your life. 

PTSD is a condition that can occur after a person sees or experiences a terrifying event. The condition causes severe physical and emotional reactions that can manifest in nightmares, heightened reactions, anxiety, and a depressed mood.

If you have ever experienced trauma and can't seem to overcome the memories of it, you may have PTSD. This book is for anyone that has been victimized by war, rape, child abuse, armed robbery, or other traumatic events.

If you have been traumatized and seem stuck, the author wants to assure you there is hope for tomorrow. This book is his love letter to the world, and he wants you to know victory is just ahead. 

His transparency and honest appraisal of where he was when he was discharged from the army is distressing. However, as the tale unfolds, his readers will thrill as Baz overcomes suicidal thoughts, depression, and debilitating addictions. The proof is in the pudding as he now stands victoriously in front of large crowds and inspires and enlightens them with his love, care and practical wisdom.

A recent reader said, "I didn't have much hope for the future when I sat down with this book. After reading for a couple hours I noticed that my entire mood had shifted. Baz's honesty has caused me to believe that I, too, can overcome PTSD. "

Stop surviving and learn to thrive with Baz Porter's new book, "Using Trauma to Thrive." Order today! 

For more information see the above URL. 

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