Richmond Hill Synthetic Grass: Install Affordable Artificial Turf Dog Play Areas

Aug 1, 2023

Are you worried that your natural grass lawn might be harbouring things that are harmful to your dog? Then consider switching to a synthetic option from artificial turf company Lazy Lawn (1-647-560-3670)!

Did you know that your lawn could be a potentially dangerous place for your dog? Most people don't! That's why, to be on the safe side, you should consider replacing your lawn with a synthetic option from Lazy Lawn!

Their synthetic grass options provide you with pet-friendly artificial turf solutions that are affordable and easy to maintain. Their turf applications can be customized to fit within any space and tailored to meet your budgetary requirements.

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Due to the fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals that are often used on them, lawns can pose a significant threat to your dog and other animals. One study by The Humane Society of the United States found that dogs that are exposed to herbicide-treated lawns are seven times more likely to develop cancer in their lifetime. With its synthetic grass options, Lazy Lawn is helping you create a safer outdoor area for your dog.

Lazy Lawn offers five different synthetic grass types that are suited for dog play areas—Emerald Rye, Kentucky Blue Lite, Lemongrass, Natural Fescue, and Spring Fescue. They also offer Luxurious Fescue and Viridian Rye types; however, these are preferred for more aesthetic applications rather than practical ones.

By switching to synthetic grass, both you and your dog receive many benefits. First, the turf is very low-maintenance, only needing the occasional cleaning with water. It also doesn’t require any mowing, fertilizing, or pesticides; meaning your dog is less likely to ingest something harmful to them. Advancements in technology have also made the turf nearly indistinguishable from real grass, allowing for an easier transition for both you and your dog.

“We decided to have an artificial turf play area installed for our dog because we were worried about some of the dangers natural grass lawns present to animals,” said a satisfied customer. “Lazy Lawn provided us with a stunning play area that’s not only pet-friendly but looks and feels like natural grass, too. We can’t recommend them enough.”

Regarding installation, Lazy Lawn's turf experts complete the entire process for you, from the excavation of the existing natural grass to the final laying of the synthetic grass. While working, they are careful not to disturb the surrounding area, and they try to create as little disruption to your home or business activities as possible.

Lazy Lawn offers three professional installation packages for you to choose from based on the square footage of your project and the type of turf that you select. They also offer a DIY installation option in which they send you the turf and you lay it yourself using instructions they provide.

If you are interested in getting an artificial turf play area installed on your property, you can get a DIY quote by visiting the Lazy Lawn website.

About Lazy Lawn

Based in Toronto, Lazy Lawn has been providing customers from coast to coast with high-quality residential and commercial artificial turf solutions since 2013. All of their turf is sourced from leading synthetic grass manufacturers and suppliers.

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