Revised FTC Safeguards Rule Requirements For Auto Dealers Explained By Expert

Sep 22, 2022

Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a new guidance on the Safeguards Rule? It’s pretty complicated but with 2Secure Corp, you can make sure your auto dealership is in compliance.

Revised FTC Safeguards Rule Requirements For Auto Dealers Explained By Expert

Last year my friend's Facebook password was cracked and he lost all his data in a ransomware attack. When I asked him what he was gonna do about it, he said he had to rename his cat.

If you own a business, I sure hope all your data is not protected by 'Jonsey'. You have a responsibility to protect your customers' data and a long list of requirements to go through.

With 2Secure Corp, you can make sure you comply with the latest Safeguards Rule guidance issued by the FTC in May 2022.

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The revised Safeguards Rule requires you to undertake specific steps to protect consumer data. To help you stay on top of cybersecurity compliances, 2Secure provides in-depth coverage of the amended Rule’s requirements in its new educational initiative.

As explained by the FTC, "While preserving the flexibility of the original Safeguards Rule, the revised Rule provides more concrete guidance for businesses. It reflects core data security principles that all covered companies need to implement."

The deadline to implement the revised Safeguards Rule requirements is December 9, 2022 - and 2Secure Corp is here to simplify the process for auto dealers.

“The new amendments to the Safeguards Rule require dealers to undertake a series of procedural, technical, and contractual steps to protect consumer and other personal data,” said a 2Secure Corp spokesperson. “This includes appointing a qualified individual to implement and supervise your information security program,” they added.

2Secure further explains that, along with having qualified personnel working on your data security protocols, you are also required to conduct risk assessments and design and execute safeguards for risk management. The easiest way to make sure you comply with these and other requirements is to hire a cybersecurity expert like 2Secure Crop.

“A cybersecurity firm can implement and periodically review access controls, encrypt customer information, implement multi-factor authentication for those accessing customer information, and dispose of customer information securely,” explains the company.

2Secure also provides guidance on staff training, writing incident response plans, reporting to the Board of Directors, monitoring service providers, and keeping information security programs up-to-date - all of which are required under the revised Safeguards Rule.

While its educational initiative covers all aspects of the revised Safeguards Rule, 2Secure Corp advises you to review the full FTC publication for further details.

Led by cybersecurity expert Yigal Behar, 2Secure Corp specializes in cybersecurity compliance, ransomware attack simulations, network vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing.

I'm sure Jonesy is just as fearless as his Alien namesake, but perhaps he shouldn't be your last line of defense against hackers. Leave that stuff in the hands of the experts at 2Secure Corp.

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