Best Ransomware Attack Simulation For 2022 Florida Regulations Compliance

Nov 25, 2022

Cyber threats are everywhere – from good ol’ phishing emails to more sophisticated software. Make sure your data is safe with 2Secure Corp (646 560-5083)!

Best Ransomware Attack Simulation For 2022 Florida Regulations Compliance

Did you know that 58% of government organizations suffered at least one ransomware attack in 2021? And that includes both local and state entities.

It's easy to see why cybercriminals would target government agencies - they have the kind of information every criminal is looking for: social security numbers. Plus, tons of other personal data which can be exploited.

On top of that, most government agencies don't have top-notch security like big corporations (not that they don't get hacked too; but does take a higher caliber of hacker!).

Did you know that cyberattacks are becoming more complex, and more difficult to detect and prevent? Yeah, the criminals are constantly upgrading - but so is the law! House Bill 7055 aims to improve cybersecurity in the government sector.

The easiest way to comply with the new regulations is to hire a cybersecurity expert like 2Secure Corp.

The main cyber threat faced by all organizations are ransomware attacks. “Ransomware is an especially malicious form of a cyberattack which seeks to breach the security of a computer system and encrypt its data, locks it with a virtual key that will only be supplied to the owner after payment of a ransom amount,” explained a 2Secure spokesperson. “Obviously this can be a very costly problem, and any means necessary should be employed to prevent it.”

The best thing you can do to prevent a ransomware attack is to conduct Malware Attack Simulations (MAS) - and 2Secure can do just that!

So how does it work? Well, as the name suggests, it simulates an attack. Malware attack simulation beaches existing security measures and identifies vulnerabilities in your system. Once this benign ransomware attack is completed, 2Secure will develop and implement the necessary measures to remedy the gaps in your security.

Along with malware testing, you'll also get cybersecurity consulting and employee training to help you safeguard your data.

On top of that, 2Secure Corp offers a whole line of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance solutions. Led by Yigal Behar, the firm provides internal and external vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, web application assessments, and other cybersecurity services.

A satisfied client said, “2Secure does a quality job in a timely manner. Yigal worked with us from the initial testing phase through the final remediation. A useful report was also provided to aid in understanding the network security of our company.”

We've all seen the Florida Man headlines - you know what I mean:

"Florida Man Falls for Phishing Email & Causes Major Data Breach at the Department of Health in Broward County"

Don't be that Florida Man - be the Florida Man who stays in compliance with state regulations - get the best cybersecurity consulting and malware testing with 2Secure Corp.

Check out before you get hacked; not after!

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