Repurpose Or Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone By Selling It To This USA Company

Aug 18, 2021

R3UP will purchase your used mobile device and put it to good use. They offer the best prices for buybacks in the industry, and you can get paid as soon as they get the device.

Is your old phone gathering dust? This company will buy your old device, and then send it to someone who needs it. You can help someone out, keep your device from ending up in the garbage, and get paid for doing it.

Using a paid social recycling approach, the Iowa City-based clean tech company plans to help the environment, as well as consumers. It partners with initiatives around the world to provide mobile devices and other technology to underdeveloped areas.

Visit to get a free quote for your old phone.

If your device is unsuitable for reuse by someone else, the company sends the device for recycling. This allows you to have a positive impact on the waste stream by keeping your devices out of landfills and being sure that any reusable components are removed and re-used.

Having your device repurposed is a three-step process. Through the website, you can search the make and model of your device. After answering a few questions about the condition of the device, you will be given an offer based on its value and potential for re-use. You can see a news article about the company by visiting

The questions will include the specifications of the device's model, such as the storage size, and what carrier the phone is locked to. Accessories that may be shipped with the device can also be factored in. These can include original chargers, boxes, and various types of headphones.

Once the questions are answered you will receive an immediate quoted estimate for your electronics, as well as an option to begin the recycling process. 

The next step gives you the option to schedule an appointment to have the device picked up and inspected by a tech for a small fee, dropping the device off at one the available drop off locations, or you can ship your old phone to the company for inspection before re-use. The company will send you a complimentary shipping label, and then you can drop it off at any UPS or USPS location for shipping at no charge. To see an interview with one of the R3UP founders, visit

Enterprise customers who wish to create or improve a business using a similar process can also use the company's automated system for device purchases. They offer turnkey solutions and long-term support for businesses that wish to impact the stream of e-waste by offering buyback or trade-in options to their customers. Their business solutions can be found by visiting

It is recommended that all your devices be factory reset before shipping, but the company will wipe and reset all devices it receives as a precaution. Once your mobile phone has been delivered and inspected, you can expect payment immediately. This can take the form of cash, crypto, or various gift cards, which you can choose during the registration process. The R3UP LinkedIn page is available at

You won't find a better deal with this. It's not every day someone offers to pay you for helping out someone else, and the environment. It's never been easier to do your part to keep e-waste out of landfills.

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