Rental, House, Van? Best Investment For Remote Workers?

Aug 26, 2022

EVENT LAUNCH: Adiel Gorel, owner of ICG, has helped folks just like you buy thousands of rental properties. Find out about the best places to invest in 2022 here:

Rental, House, Van? Best Investment For Remote Workers?

Over half of us Americans are working in our PJ’s now spending our morning googling “What is the best real estate investment for beginners?” 

Many are in search of a new place to live and enjoy the life of a remote worker. A smart move enjoyed by many of us is moving for lifestyle and then considering the right job, that we want not a job that is just suitable but one that we love. Renting, buying, and investing has been flipping around, yes it’s a new era for all of us. And typically, the best real estate investment for beginners happens when there is a market that's a good strong market—and yet, the same market is experiencing a recessionary dive. Sounds familiar to you, right?

Yet so many of us are still frozen in fear questioning which loan for real estate investment is best for us, or should we wait, what is the best real estate investment of all the kinds of real estate investment one could make right now while the world is moving around in “the great migration.” Economists say the migration is us searching for better wages, benefits, and even autonomy in our lives. Psychologists say our desire to quit has been suppressed and now has been expressed by the sheer number of us choosing to look for the best loan for real estate investment, so we can invest in ourselves first, and many do this before looking for the best job, or the best place to get a job in their field. 

The best real estate investment is a question personal to you and it takes a team of experts to provide you with the answer to the burning questions: what is the best real estate investment, what is the best loan for real estate investment in your range, to meet your needs?

Coming up this quarter Adiel Gorel, owner of International Capital Group (ICG) is hosting a free virtual event: Remote Control Retirement Riches, along with experts to expound on the best loans loan for real estate investments, finding rental properties to buy, the best real estate investing for beginners and to answer personalized questions. Adiel will reveal the best places to invest in 2022, available now, with the price pre-negotiated and the market analyzed. This all-inclusive event for investors is a huge hit and has afforded 1000s with Remote Control Retirement Riches. Don’t miss out, click to register and set up the winning retirement plan today. 

“As an investor, the best time to invest in real estate is ALWAYS. But consider how many families are under-prepared to buy right now and are choosing to rent. They could be choosing to rent from you. And you could be choosing to set yourself up that way to enjoy remote retirement riches ” Explains Adiel Gorel owner of International Capital Group.

It’s still a very good time to buy single-family rental homes. When it comes down to it, real estate is a powerful long-term investment that changes lives. This mindset of long-term investing is a future changer. When the world is scrambling to see through to next week, be the one above the fear who is planning your legacy.  

Why is the best real estate investment for beginners often the single-family home with the 30-year fixed rate mortgage? Thousands of investors have retired powerfully, and sent their kids to college, based on buying several single-family homes, getting a 30-year fixed-rate loan, putting a down payment, and then proceeding to do the hardest act for human beings to do— nothing. Just letting it sit there, the best real estate investment, let it sit and increase in value while the loan decreases with every rent payment. The 30-year fixed-rate loan is the heart of the matter because inflation keeps eroding it down to a place where it looks like it’s hardly existent. Now that’s the best real estate investment for someone who desires financial stability now, and the benefits of long-term growth, which Adiel Gorel called Remote Retirement Riches. 

What the great migration is showing millions of workers, that the question is no longer “What is the best time to invest in real estate?” Because ultimately it's always the best time to buy a home. Remember, a mere 3% inflation typically decreases purchasing power by about one-third in only 10 years, so the time to buy is always as soon as possible.

Visit to find out the best places to invest in real estate in 2022, the best real estate investment for beginners. It can mean a huge difference to the financial future of families in the U.S. and all over the world. 

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