Remote Patient Monitoring System ViSi Mobile Helps EDs Prevent Overcrowding

Nov 4, 2021

Enhance your emergency department with a state-of-the-art remote patient monitoring system. Sotera Wireless, Inc. has developed the ViSi Mobile System to help clinicians and nurses care for patients.

Saving lives just got a whole lot easier – and all thanks to Sotera Wireless.

The ViSi Mobile System from San Diego-based Sotera Wireless was recently implemented to help negate overcrowding and patient deterioration issues within one of the top-ranked Level 1 Trauma Centers in America. This is one of the first wearable passive vital sign monitoring solutions for ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients to be implemented in this busy environment.

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ViSi Mobile was first introduced to the healthcare system when they were in need of a solution to quickly create an Overflow Unit because of disruption caused by ongoing facility maintenance. After the successful use of ViSi Mobile in this environment, it was apparent that the technology could also be used to triage high-risk Emergency Department patients and for those patients that the nurses really felt they needed to keep a closer eye on, especially when they do not have enough beds available.

“As a paramedic, I appreciate that ViSi allows us to be proactive as opposed to reactive. Having the visibility to see patient deterioration from the monitoring station, allows for quicker evaluation and escalation of care when needed and ultimately helps us save lives, which I have experienced first-hand,” said Jesse Groover, NRP.

So, what can this remote patient monitoring system do for you?

ViSi Mobile keeps you connected to your patients, ensuring you and the rest of your staff are kept abreast of any changes in their condition whether on the ward or in transit. The device features sensors that are placed on the body without restricting patient movement. The technology delivers accurate readings of heart rate, pulse rate, CNIBP, and respiratory rate, as well as skin temperature, ECGs, posture assessment, arrhythmias, and fall detection.

“We’ve seen ViSi Mobile have incredible results in Atlanta. ViSi Mobile was recently utilized at a COVID-19 alternative care facility built out at the Georgia World Congress Center. During that use case, the alternative care facility experienced zero deaths and zero COVID-19 patient-clinician transmissions which they greatly attribute to utilizing ViSi Mobile,” said Sotera Wireless CEO, Dr. Devin McCombie.

You can read more about this successful implementation at the COVID-19 alternative care facility here:

Sotera Wireless, Inc. is a San Diego, CA-based healthcare technology company dedicated to producing the most accurate, comprehensive wearable monitoring system in the industry. The ViSi Mobile System enables ICU-level continuous monitoring to the general ward and beyond.

The system is a wearable platform that continuously monitors your patient's vital signs (Pulse Rate, Heart Rate (3 ECG Lead and 5 ECG Lead), SpO2, cNIBP (Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure), MAP, Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature, Posture, Fall Detection, and Life-Threatening Arrhythmias (AFIB, AFIB RVR, VFIB, Asystole) and wirelessly communicates data to you.

System alerts can be tailored to notify you of fluctuations that signal deterioration in your patient’s health. This use of surveillance monitoring promotes reduced Rapid Response Team activations, reduced Length of Stay (LOS) for transfers to the ICU, and early detection and prevention of adverse events.

If you invest in one piece of equipment for your medical facility this year, let it be ViSi Mobile. Your clinicians and your patients will thank you.

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