Relieve Arthritis Symptoms With Home Visits From Physiotherapist In Northford

Jun 27, 2024

Living with arthritis is exhausting. While it’s tempting to give up and move as little as possible, keeping the blood flowing is essential to managing your condition. Lifetime Health Physiotherapy (860-969-1447) can help you find relief and renewed mobility. At-home treatments available!

Suffering from arthritis? Interested in getting expert physical therapy in the comfort of your home?

Get your mobility back with Lifetime Health Physiotherapy. Now serving the Northford, CT, area. More details at

At-Home Treatment

You can find relief for joints affected by arthritis, reduce swelling, and promote blood flow through muscles and joints. If you're over 50 and you value the privacy and convenience of being treated at home, get in touch!

Fitness Training Included

The team's physiotherapists will give you a detailed evaluation before developing an exercise program that facilitates steady and safe rehabilitation. Every home visit includes one hour of fitness training without the need for any expensive gym equipment or heavy weights.


Lifetime Health's physio team helps to relieve pain and instability, giving you the knowledge needed to manage your conditions, support your recovery, and help you get back to the activities you enjoy.


Lifetime Health's treatments help restore balance, strengthen muscles and joints that have weakened due to arthritis, and make adjustments to your posture. You may be suffering from other mild deformities as a result of over-compensating for a lack of mobility or strength in another area of your body.

Manual Therapy

In addition to a graded exercise program tailored to your abilities and goals, visits from Lifetime Health physiotherapists also incorporate manual therapy including soft tissue manipulation. Treatments such as myofascial release apply pressure to tight areas of the fascia that have become restricted due to injury or arthritis while trigger point therapy locates and releases knots in your muscle fibers that aren't getting enough oxygen or nutrients.

The team's soft tissue treatments can reduce pain, decrease swelling, increase your range of motion and mobility, and lengthen the targeted tissue areas while accelerating the healing process. Visits also incorporate education to empower you in your journey to recovery, reduce any anxiety you may be feeling, and decrease the likelihood of injury in the future.

Lifetime Health regularly treats conditions such as ankle pain, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, and neurological injuries caused by multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, and strokes.

The team encourages you to schedule an exploratory call to discuss your condition with the team.

“Whether you are a busy executive crunched for time or a retired golfer, an initial consultation will help you determine the best path forward to getting you back to the activities you love, “ a spokesperson says. “Schedule a discovery visit and we will make a house call.”

Get moving again with Lifetime Health Physiotherapy!

For more info, call 860-969-1447 or visit

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