Reliable Nashville Parking Lot Paving: Get Strong Asphalt For Your Office Site

Feb 22, 2024

A correctly paved asphalt parking lot will keep your customers safe and the codes inspectors happy – call Nashville’s own Gaddes Strategic at +1-615-866-2795 for exactly that.

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When you’re planning on renovating your parking lot, you know it needs to be done right the first time of asking. Gaddes Strategic can help you there, paving asphalt to perfect standards.

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Its services are designed to address paving needs at places of worship, schools, mobile home parks, and business sites across the city. The vast majority of Nashville parking lots are built with asphalt, so make sure yours measures up. Gaddes Strategic provides installation and repair services conducive to strong, long-lasting surfaces.

They also offer further asphalt maintenance work, with sealcoating options that’ll protect the condition of your parking lot going forward. Combined with line striping and pavement marking, its local team is positioned to build and maintain regulation-compliant lots as part of a safe and accessible site.

Gaddes Strategic points to the importance of staying local if you’re in need of asphalt paving-related services. Depending on the season’s prevalent weather conditions, says the company, particular installation and maintenance techniques are necessary for asphalt surfaces. Nashville teams are equipped to base their work on the city’s expected climate - you can trust their judgement.

“This is because the hot and humid summers and cold winters can cause a lot of wear and tear on the asphalt surface,” explains a company representative. “The contractor must be familiar with the best materials and techniques for the job, as well as the local regulations and safety protocols.”

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Aided by their familiarity with the city’s safety codes, Gaddes Strategic describes an extensive preliminary procedure that takes any permit requirements into account. Once your paving project has been green-lit, its team moves to form a structurally sound foundation before laying a state-approved surface mixture. 

Gaddes Strategic points to its specialist equipment as crucial in rolling and compacting asphalt on your parking lot surface, establishing a firm and secure layer fit for incoming vehicular traffic.

The Nashville contractor also offers subsequent upkeep services at your site in response to the formation of potholes or cracks - often as a result of weather or time-based wear and tear. Head to for more info!

In the words of Gaddes Strategic: “Cracks will eventually develop over time due to age. These cracks can be wide-ranging, whether transverse, longitudinal, or minor block cracking. Repairing cracks as soon as possible is critical in avoiding additional damage to your parking lot.”

With Gaddes Strategic, your parking lot’s surface will be safe and secure.

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