Reedsport Old Hickory Storage Sheds & Utility Dormers For Extra Workspace

Mar 19, 2024

Need a portable storage building delivered to you in Reedsport? Oregon Coast Sheds has your back. Call them at (541) 982-5200 to learn more about their Old Hickory Sheds!

Lofted barns? Utility dormers? Playhouses? Whatever your portable building needs may be, Oregon Coast Sheds has something for you, especially if you need it fast. That’s the beauty of buying from an authorized dealer of Old Hickory Sheds and Buildings! So whether you’re looking to purchase a pre-built building or design one of your own, Oregon Coast Sheds is the way to go!

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The Highest Standards of Quality

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for something really high-quality. All buildings listed on Oregon Coast Sheds’ store are engineer-certified and built to the International Building Code. They’re nothing like those hardware store shed kits that look like they’d topple like a house of cards the moment an errant sneeze is thrown their way!

Customizable Options

So, without further ado, if you’re in the market for detached storage units, the company recommends their lofted barns. These include up to 16 feet of loft space that can be adjusted according to your preferences. If you want more or less loft space, that’s totally doable too.

The customization doesn’t end there! You can choose from barns with windows and side porches with extra railing, among other layout options. You can even request extra workbenches and shelving for the interior of the building!

Additional types of storage units include: 

  • Utility sheds
  • Studio sheds
  • Animal shelters
  • Tack rooms
  • Garages 

While they may have been designed with a specific purpose in mind, don’t feel like you’re constrained by that! You can use any one of these buildings as workspaces, recreational areas, or parking spaces for vehicles and boats. Treat them as a cool getaway, or spare the rest of your household from the sound of your trumpet practice - the sky’s the limit!

Regardless of the type of building, Oregon Coast Sheds offers a variety of siding, flooring, color options, and architectural packages, allowing you to, you guessed it, customize your product as you see fit.

Free Delivery and Setup

If you need your building delivered to you fast, no problem. As an authorized dealer of Old Hickory Sheds & Buildings, Oregon Coast Sheds can arrange for free, quick delivery and setup of their buildings through a network of insured and licensed drivers. Staying true to their commitment to client satisfaction, the company also offers a five-year warranty on all products, ensuring you will be able to address any issue that arises with your unit within that time frame.

Not that that’s super likely to begin with. Just take it from this satisfied customer, who said, “My husband and I are new to Oregon, and we needed more storage at our home in North Bend. I reached out to Oregon Coast Sheds, and they went above and beyond to deliver a quality product. The entire team was responsive when we needed changes. All in all, I am extremely satisfied. Jose Garcia was my contact, and from start to finish, the whole thing ran smoothly.”

And now’s a better time than ever to make your own purchase! Select items are on sale in the company’s store right now. Not only that, but Oregon Coast Sheds also offers a sweet rent-to-own program that will net you one of their buildings without the huge upfront costs! Pay off the rental agreement in as little as 36 monthly payments, and the building will be yours - you can even pay it all off early if you so desire! Either way, you won’t find a more generous rent-to-own agreement like this elsewhere, that’s for sure!

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