Reduce Your Stress With The Best Breathing Exercises From Merpati Putih Experts

Apr 14, 2024

Looking for all-natural ways to combat stress and anxiety? Look no further. Vibravision® has launched a Breath Awareness Mastery Course to help you improve your mental health.

Is something in your life causing you stress or anxiety? You’re not alone. Thankfully, you never have to compromise on your mental health — contact Vibravision® today for the solutions you deserve.

The spiritual wellness academy has launched a new Breath Awareness Mastery Course that helps you control your emotions through breathing. Master Instructor Mike Zeleznick teaches you traditional Indonesian breathing and meditation exercises to reduce your stress and anxiety.

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The latest announcement responds to the increasing demand for all-natural remedies to chronic stress and anxiety. As the global pandemic continues to upend many peoples’ lives, mental self-care has become increasingly necessary.

According to the Harvard Medical School, meditation can significantly alleviate psychological stresses like anxiety and depression. With Vibravision®, you learn to use meditative breathing to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

The company bases its training program on the Indonesian Merpati Putih tradition, a form of martial arts refined by the Royal Family of Java over 500 years ago. In 1999, Mike and Nate Zeleznick became the first instructors to endorse these practices in the United States. Since then, the pair have helped people like you combat psychological stress through breath mastery and energy expansion.

By participating in the Breath Awareness Mastery Course you will learn Merpati Putih breathing and meditation techniques. The course contains four modules on breathing exercises. Upon completion, you will experience increased lung capacity and diminished levels of stress and anxiety. Additionally, reducing chronic stress can decrease your likelihood of heart disease and high blood pressure.

The wellness academy also offers an Energy Expansion Program, in which you will blend physical exercises with Merpati Putih meditation techniques to improve your energy levels and mental health. If you’re interested in this program, go to for more details.

With the latest announcement, Vibravision® continues to help customers like you live happier lives through mental and physical exercises based on the Merpati Putih tradition.

Mike Zeleznick is the top non-Indonesian Merpati Putih trainer in the world. He has worked with Indonesian Special Forces to develop his techniques, and his courses have developed a reputation for helping participants achieve their spiritual goals.

“I highly recommend Vibravision® to everyone,” a satisfied participant said. “It gives me energy, a good workout, a positive environment, and time for myself. I always leave each lesson feeling better than when we started.”

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