Use Ancient Energy Wisdom Tactics To Transform Your Life & Manifest Your Goals

Mar 13, 2021

Are you feeling stressed or burned out? Do you want to take your life in a new direction? Check out this one-of-a-kind energy program today!

If you’re looking to change your life and unlock limitless potential, you’re in luck! This program teaches you how to get Jedi-like abilities that can transform your work and home life.

A newly updated energy training program has been launched by Vibravision, called the Full Immersion program. It’s designed to teach you how to have full control over your energy to live more actively powerful lives.

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The program is intended for those who feel as though they have their wires crossed. It teaches practical strategies and methods that allow you to rewire your mind to better achieve the lifestyle you want.

The program is run by Mike Zeleznick, the Chief Vibravision Master Instructor, who brings 27 years of experience to the field. He has developed engaging and absorbable curriculums that help you to develop yourself fully, and internalize energy work lessons in the most effective way.

Mike is known for being the highest-ranked non-Indonesian instructor of the Merpati Putih martial arts system. You can get in touch knowing that you will be dealing with someone well versed in martial arts and energy training.

He explains that many people feel frustrated in their life. This could take the form of stress or anxiety over running the rat race and having no time for themselves.

By following this new program, you are able to access the energy you need when you want it. The aim is to expand your awareness, with tactics involving deep meditation, strategies for inner peace, and achieving serenity.

Vibravision aims to help people use ancient wisdom to change their life in wide-ranging and intensive ways.

Originally, the program was an on-site event held in Utah, but as of 2021, the team is offering more accessible sessions. They will provide off-site training for up to 20 people, with a minimum of six per group.

A spokesperson states: “The Vibravision Mindsight technique has been distilled from hundreds of years of knowledge gained in the discipline of Merpati Putih, a martial arts, breathwork, and meditation system developed by the Royal Family of Central Java, Indonesia.”

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