Reduce Utility Costs For Your Building With Smart Water Usage Tracking

Mar 25, 2023

Nobody wants to pay more for utilities than they need to. Onsite Utility Services Capital helps reduce these costs and increase your buildings’ water usage efficiency with smart solutions that require zero investment.

Reduce Utility Costs For Your Building With Smart Water Usage Tracking

It's no secret: utility costs have skyrocketed over the last two years. All of us are feeling the crunch, and looking for ways to make our budgets work. If you are responsible for a large commercial building, consider Onsite Utility Services Capital your go-to partner for innovative ways to optimize water consumption. Water pumping and water treatment has an embedded carbon footprint using about 4% of all the electricity in the USA.

By increasing the energy efficiency of your utility systems, you stand to save quite a bit. Many companies pay unnecessary costs due to faulty, obsolete, or poorly-maintained energy systems- make sure you're not one of them!

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Onsite Utility Services Capital offers water consumption management solutions that can be utilized by schools, hospitals, warehouses, grocery stores, and manufacturing facilities. They have been designed to enhance building owners' water efficiency and conservation efforts with zero up-front investment.

In particular, the company offers you anti-scaling and corrosion systems for cooling towers, which are typically responsible for about a third of a building's water consumption. The systems that Onsite Utility Services Capital installs prevent the build-up of solids that lead to corrosion and scale, improving their efficiency as a result.

Another way the company helps you lower water and energy costs is by keeping track of leaks. Onsite Utility Services Capital installs systems that monitor your water usage, which can identify sudden changes that indicate leaks over time. These fluctuations are provided in real-time, allowing you to fix the problem immediately.

Along with water consumption optimization, Onsite Utility Services Capital also offers smart waste disposal brokering services, solar solutions, HVAC motor systems upgrades, electricity monitoring, and lighting efficiency solutions.

For all its services, the company uses an innovative “Energy Savings as a Service” approach that circumvents the need for financing. Instead of requiring you to pay for the service upfront, the company offers you the equipment, installation labor, and routine maintenance as an ongoing service.

Onsite Utility Services Capital has supported both large and small businesses across America since 1993. In 2020, they ranked on Industry Wired magazine's “Top 20 Companies with the most Disruptive Solutions of the Year” list for their approach to encouraging energy efficiency.

A company spokesperson says: “Our expert energy team is ready to help you solve your most urgent and important energy objectives. See how we forever changed the energy efficiency landscape by providing a nationwide platform for turnkey energy efficiency solutions that delivers savings from day one.”

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