Reduce Tenant Turnover In Philadelphia With Tech-Enabled Property Management

Mar 23, 2023

Tech-enabled property management is improving the bottom line for landlords across the US, and award-winning provider TCS Property Management (215-383-1439) is leading the charge in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York.

Reduce Tenant Turnover In Philadelphia With Tech-Enabled Property Management

We use smartphones and other devices for almost all our daily tasks, so why should property management be any different? TCS Property Management combines technology with good old-fashioned customer service to provide much greater efficiency!

The company's landlord and tenant portal is a fine example. Your tenants can pay their rent and report issues on any device, with staff members just a message away. Whether you own one or five properties, you can use the portal to oversee what’s happening, and you can do it from any location.

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TCS Property Management offers you its innovative technologies in all of its current service areas, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Tennessee. The team can take care of any type of residential property that you want to rent out, such as single-family homes, individual condominium units, and multi-family dwellings.

The company's landlord and tenant portal tech-enabled is gaining traction as property management grows in popularity across the industry. A recent survey from the National Multifamily Housing Council found that a leading reason for tenants not renewing their lease is poor management, causing flow-on effects on the income of property owners.

TCS Property Management’s tech-enabled service can improve your tenant retention rates, which ultimately gives you a more stable rental income. Their mobile-friendly portal allows your tenants to report maintenance issues and communicate with staff in real time, which is a vast improvement when compared to the days of old.

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In addition, the portal allows you to monitor your property portfolio from any location. If you own multiple rental properties, TCS gives you a much more convenient and efficient tool when compared to traditional property management approaches.

While TCS Property Management is bringing you some of the latest technologies, the company states that it retains a hybrid model in relation to customer service. The company has an extensive network of preferred maintenance providers, allowing it to keep control over the quality of service that you receive.

Along with its evolving property management capabilities, the company offers investment consultancy if you’re looking to expand your existing portfolio. Reflecting on its innovations in the sector, recognized TCS Property Management as one of the ‘Best Property Management Companies in Philadelphia’ for 2022.

See how technology is changing the face of the property management industry. Get greater efficiency with award-winning solutions from TCS Property Management!

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