Reduce Stress & Tension With A Holistic Head & Neck Massage In Staten Island

Mar 20, 2024

Staten Island, NY – Puresthetique Holistic & Laser (212-302-0038) is now offering holistic massage therapy for stress relief and increased energy levels!

Feeling stressed? Although stress is a normal part of life, it can sometimes get on top of us. Whether it’s work, family or an overwhelming number of daily chores, long-term stress can be debilitating. If you’re starting to feel the effects of too much stress, it’s important to do something about it. A holistic head and neck massage from Puresthetique Holistic & Laser in Manhattan is one of the best ways to calm your mind and body. 

Recharge your body and mind at

What is holistic massage?

Unlike regular massage, holistic massage focuses on a person’s whole being: mind, body and spirit. Based on the belief that all body parts are intrinsically connected, this form of massage therapy targets multiple areas of the body to relax tense muscles. For this reason, Puresthetique Holistic & Laser’s head and neck massage covers your shoulders and armpits, upper arms, neck, upper chest, ears, jaw, hairline and head.

The rise of long-term stress

According to data from the New York Health Foundation and APA, more than 30% of New York residents reported poor mental health in March 2023. Of these, only 48% believed they were doing enough to manage their stress levels and overall well-being. With its holistic therapy, Puresthetique Holistic & Laser helps you reduce stress whilst improving your circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Japanese Energy Healing

The spa integrates Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Reiki and Kikoh into its massage sessions to relax nerve tension and boost your energy. Reiki, a popular Japanese energy technique, is particularly well-known for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and encourage relaxation. Puresthetique Holistic & Laser uses 100% organic, jojoba oil-based massage lotions with carefully selected essential oils to enhance massage benefits.

In addition to its holistic head and neck massage, the spa offers a range of other ‘skin and soul’ treatments including an Ayurvedic botanical holistic facial and hands-on Reiki healing service.

“We believe that mind, body and spirit in balance lead to optimal beauty,” says a representative for Puresthetique Holistic & Laser. “When you feel no pain in the body, your spirit will be uplifted, your mind will be clear and your skin will glow.”

Discover the power of healing touch with Puresthetique Holistic & Laser. For a calmer tomorrow, visit today.

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