Reduce Home Heating Bills In Kildare, IE With Expert Air Tightness Inspections

Apr 23, 2022

If your Kildare home isn’t air tight, it will be costing you money. Usher Insulations (01 820 1921) now offers air tightness and energy efficiency assessments, which could qualify you for an SEAI grant.

Reduce Home Heating Bills In Kildare, IE With Expert Air Tightness Inspections

There are many places where your home could be losing heat, including the obvious windows and doors, and less obvious places such as floorboards, wall to ceiling joints, and even electrical fittings. Call the experts today to have a professional home inspection, and stop watching your money float through the cracks.

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Current events have brought energy concerns into focus once again. Many of us are, understandably, worried about the prospects of increasing prices. With their range of services, Usher Insulations provides a cost-effective way to ensure that your home is air tight.

It not only means saving money on your bills. The government might actually give you money to help improve your home. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland currently provides grants to assist in the upgrade of houses built before 2006. Free upgrades are available for lower income households, while a fixed grant scheme is offered if you’re in a position to invest some of your own funds.

Services offered by Usher Insulations can work hand-in-hand with these schemes. Along with air tightness inspections, the contractor can perform home energy assessments, allowing you to apply for government assistance. Remedial actions may include the application of membrane tapes and adhesive glues to limit the escape of air through cracks and gaps.

The company also provides more comprehensive energy efficiency improvements, such as attic and roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, floor insulation, and more. Once complete, these improvements will not only help you to reduce your energy bills, but also create a warmer and damp-free environment.

About Usher Insulations

One of the first Irish insulation companies to achieve ISO 9001 accreditation, Usher Insulations has long prided itself on providing the highest standards of quality and care across Leinster. Indeed, having been established in 1988, the contractor is also one of the longest established insulation and energy efficiency specialists in the country.

A company representative recently stated: “Usher Insulations pays special attention to windows and doors where draughts and air leakage are particularly common. Our range of sealants can be integrated into the build and are completely invisible, so even large gaps or cracks can be sealed without the interior aesthetic of the property being spoiled.”

Energy prices are rising, but there is something you can do right now to limit your exposure. You might even qualify for government assistance.

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