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Jun 12, 2018

Solar Advice launched “What is Solar Energy, the Complete Guide to Solar Power”, the first installment in the 12-part series “Solar Power Starter Guide”, an extensive guide for South Africans interested in solar energy.

Solar Advice, a company specializing in high-quality solar power products and resources, launched a complete guide on how to use solar power to reduce energy costs, improve autonomy and protect the environment. The first report of the series is “What is Solar Energy, the Complete Guide to Solar Power”, a brief resource offering an overview of South Africa’s potential for solar power, the main types of solar panels, and other essential information.

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Recent years have seen an increased awareness of the potential of solar power in South Africa, with Solar Advice striving to play an important part in informing the public of the benefits of this type of alternative energy. From lower energy bills to reduced reliance on the public energy system, solar panels come with a wide range of benefits, especially in a climate such as that of South Africa.

A Solar Advice spokesperson said: “South Africans face the difficult position of having a government that invests in nuclear instead of solar power, which means we have to take the initiative. While electricity prices continue to rise and the reform to alternative energy will remain on the back burner, South Africans can find essential information by reading our solar power guide and understanding how it can save thousands of rands.”

According to the report, South Africans who install a solar power system have no way to feed the captured energy back into the system, meaning that excess energy can only be stored in batteries. Readers will find an overview of the essential elements of a home solar power system, a distinction between monocrystalline and polycrastalline panels, as well as basic information on thin film panels.

The report is the first installment in the 12-part series “Solar Power Starter Guide”.

As well as complete resources on solar power, Solar Advice also provides solar panels, batteries, and complete kits for South Africans interested in installing a high-quality solar energy system.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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