Redding Dog Training Facility Teaches Obedience Commands & Walking Protocols

Jul 10, 2024

If you want your dog to grow up and become the best dog it can be, consider enrolling them in one of Elements K9 Training’s (530-276-3908) in-person dog training programs.

Dogs, like humans, go through many stages in life, and with each of these stages, they need to master different skills and overcome certain challenges. Sometimes, trying to help them along on this journey can require professional assistance, and that's what Elements K9 Training is here to provide!

The Redding, CA dog training expert's in-person programs are designed to teach your dog basic motor, social, and behavioral skills while getting them comfortable with the world around them. The company offers one-on-one private classes as well as a board-and-train program hosted at their facility.

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According to Elements K9 Training, the most crucial stages of development in your dog’s life will take place between birth and two years of age. It is during this time that they will learn most of the foundational skills that will carry them through life. However, this period can be a challenging time for both you and your dog, which is why Elements K9 Training wants to try and help you navigate some of the obstacles.

If you prefer a more private experience for your dog, Elements K9 Training offers its one-on-one training program. In this program, their trainers will meet you and your dog at a predetermined location and work with them on the specific skills they need to develop or hone. These sessions offer the most convenience because they can be scheduled wherever, whenever, and as frequently as you want.

If you want a more thorough experience, you can register your dog for Elements K9 Training’s board-and-train program. During this program, your dog is kept at Elements K9 Training’s facility for several days or weeks depending on their stage of development. This allows the trainers to spend more time with your dog and build up a higher level of trust.

For both the one-on-one and board-and-train programs, Elements K9 Training will tailor the experience to satisfy your dog’s individual needs. Typical topics that might be covered in each program include potty and leash training, obedience commands, social etiquette, and walking protocols.

“My puppy was really struggling with basic things like social etiquette, obedience, and potty training,” said a satisfied client. “After only a few sessions with Garrett and his team at Elements K9 Training, I noticed a significant improvement. He’s now going to the bathroom in the correct places and obeying my commands a lot more regularly.”

Because of your busy work-life schedule, in-person dog training programs might not work for you, in which case, Elements K9 Training provides virtual training programs that you can sign your dog up for. These programs are conducted over Zoom or FaceTime and allow you to play a more hands-on role in your dog's training. Like the one-on-one in-person programs, the virtual sessions can be scheduled as frequently as you prefer.

For additional training resources, Elements K9 Training posts educational information on their website that you can refer to. This information can be used to supplement in-person or virtual programs and is free to access.

About Elements K9 Training

Elements K9 Training is a locally owned and operated company providing professional dog-training services to clients in Redding and the surrounding areas. It was founded by certified dog trainer Garrett Beckwith, who along with his team of assistants, delivers all of the programming.

If you need a hand training your dog visit and get the experts at Elements K9 Training to help you out!

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