Recover From Long Covid Fast With Top Concierge Medicine Provider In Las Vegas

Feb 27, 2023

In Good Health PC (702-522-1034) is the leading Long Covid treatment practice in Las Vegas. Book your first consultation today to get a fast and accurate diagnosis and the best integrated treatment.

Recover From Long Covid Fast With Top Concierge Medicine Provider In Las Vegas

Don’t let Long Covid sap you of any more energy, wellbeing, or happiness. Instead, go to In Good Health PC, the Las Vegas experts in Long Covid!

The practice's founder and head practitioner, Dr. Thomas Sharon, DNP, MPH, ARNP-BC, has become a national expert in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition, who has furthered research into Long Covid and its complications. As such, In Good Health PC is now reaching out to you if you suspect you may have the condition or you believe you have it but have found it difficult to receive adequate treatment from your primary care professional.

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Dr. Thomas Sharon continues to provide Long Covid medical services as he believes that most patients in the city still fail to get an adequate diagnosis. As a recent exposé on TIME magazine explained, there is still a lack of awareness within the medical profession that is causing a significant amount of Long Covid cases to go undiagnosed.

In Good Health PC appreciates that the many and complex symptoms of the condition that you may be enduring - which can include fatigue, brain fog, memory problems, chest pains, heart palpitations, muscle weakness, stomach pain, dizziness, headaches, and more - can be difficult to interpret. However, Dr. Sharon recognizes that these extensive symptoms are also what makes the condition so difficult to live with.

As such, if you book an appointment with In Good Health PC, their first step will be to test you for Long Covid. The practice will run extensive bloodwork and other core tests to ascertain the presence of Long Covid in your body and to develop a more comprehensive profile of the illness and its effects upon you.

Using this data, Dr. Sharon will develop a treatment plan for you that integrates both primary care medicine and holistic medicine tools to minimize the impact of the condition and to ensure that you avoid more serious complications.

In Good Health PC is a concierge medicine and telehealth primary care practice in Las Vegas. In addition to Long Covid, they can assist you with conditions like heart disease, diabetes, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and more.

A spokesperson for the concierge health practice said, “If you have Covid-19, or have had it, Dr. Sharon recommends you schedule a consultation so he can order blood work and provide treatments that might prevent long-term health complications. Dr. Sharon will order diagnostic tests to fully understand the cause of your Long Covid symptoms so he can create an effective plan for you.”

If you believe you have Long Covid, don’t let a failed diagnosis stop you from seeking help again.

Visit to experience the In Good Health PC difference and get the diagnosis and treatment you deserve.

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