Recover From Long Covid & Avoid Complications With Fast Las Vegas Diagnosis

Feb 25, 2023

Las Vegas’ In Good Health PC (702-522-1034) and its leading practitioner, Dr. Sharon, have proposed new standards for diagnosing Long Covid that will help you recover from the disease.

Recover From Long Covid & Avoid Complications With Fast Las Vegas Diagnosis

If you think you have Long Covid, or know you do, In Good Health PC believes there is more that can be done to diagnose and treat your condition.

The trusted primary healthcare practice is now reaching out to you if you have already received a Long Covid diagnosis and need treatment advice, or if you suspect you have the condition and need a diagnosis. In Good Health PC’s head doctor, Thomas Sharon, DNP, MPH, ARNP-BC, is now a leading specialist in the region in the condition and he understands it can have life-altering impacts on patients.

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In particular, as a regional leader in long Covid, Dr. Sharon is proposing new standards for diagnosing Long Covid. In his experience, he has observed that many sufferers have failed to secure a diagnosis for the condition, despite presenting with many of its most common symptoms. Dr. Sharon is also embarking upon an advocacy mission within the Las Vegas community to raise awareness of these common symptoms and to encourage you to get a diagnosis, and therefore treatment, sooner.

As the doctor explains, Covid-19 symptoms should go away within a week or two, and if you are still feeling ill after this time, it is likely that you have Long Covid.

As such, under Dr. Sharon’s supervision, In Good Health PC is now taking both your in-person or telehealth appointment for the diagnosis and treatment of Long Covid. During these appointments, the practice will order full diagnostic tests to understand the impact of the disease on your body and to get a better sense of which organs and parts of your body the illness is affecting.

From there, In Good Health PC will develop a treatment plan for you, which generally includes a combination of traditional primary care and pharmaceutical prescriptions, as well as holistic wellness care and lifestyle recommendations.

If left untreated, Dr. Sharon stresses that Long Covid may lead to complications like autoimmune diseases, renal hypertension, and blood clotting disorders, which will impact you for your lifetime.

In Good Health PC recommends their new telehealth appointments to you if you are struggling to make your everyday commitments and need the ease of first-grade medical attention from home.

A spokesperson for the primary healthcare practice said, “At In Good Health PC, Dr. Sharon takes a proactive approach to Covid-19. He understands the potential long-term effects of a Covid infection and recommends getting blood work right away to look for potential complications. He will then provide treatments to try to prevent these long-term health complications.”

If you suspect Long Covid is the source of your ill health, don’t delay. Book a consultation with In Good Health PC today.

Visit to learn more about Dr. Sharon’s new standards for diagnosing Long Covid and how they can help you.

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