Real Estate Consulting For Foreign Investors In Panama: Expert Solutions Matter

Apr 16, 2024

From market research to legal advice, the right real estate consultant can make the difference between success and failure, says Proper Consulting Panama.

Panama has been experiencing a surge in foreign investor interest, with the real estate market expected to grow at a yearly rate of 1.95% from 2023 to 2028, according to figures cited by Statista. Rental properties in particular are increasingly attractive, offering gross yields between 6.8% and 9.5% - and with consolidating government investments in infrastructure and urban development, the trend is expected to continue.

But getting started isn't it - not without expert assistance.

Panama Real Estate Consulting: What It Should Include

Proper Consulting Panama explains that real estate consulting should include anything from initial analysis to legal assistance in finalizing the deals - ideally all happening before the investor has set foot in the country.

The company has developed an effective consulting program allowing foreign real estate investors to easily branch out in Panama. This includes:

  • market research,
  • financial advice,
  • joint venture assistance,
  • risk mitigation,

and a wide range of other solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

“Offering maximum planning and cost assurance across all project dimensions, our expertise is both modular and scalable to our client’s needs, ensuring each strategy is economically and structurally implementable,” said the company.

The Right Partners For Growth

With partners including Prime Wealth Development, Garrido & Garrido, Credicorp Bank, and Fincas Panama, the company has built a network allowing it to offer comprehensive services for investors in residential, commercial, or industrial real estate.

Proper Consulting Panama also provides expert consulting for new business formation in Panama, expert legal assistance for companies and individuals, and many others.

About Proper Consulting Panama

Founded by Alex Garrido, an experienced attorney and real estate agent, the company focuses on delivering expert real estate and business consulting for international clients interested in expanding into Panama.

“Our mission is simple but crucial: to guide our clients towards informed, secure, and profitable decisions in Panama, all without needing to step foot in the country,” said Alex. “We will simplify our clients’ route to successful investing in Panama.”

For more on the company's work - and how it can help you expand your portfolio with properties in Panama - visit

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