Read This Free Guide To Amending Google Ads Bids & Keywords For Your Business

Oct 2, 2022

If you’re trying to attract more customers online and you’re not using Google Ads, read Scott Hall’s latest report on why the platform is an essential tool for e-commerce companies and how you can make the most of it.

Read This Free Guide To Amending Google Ads Bids & Keywords For Your Business

Are you trying to get your head around Google Ads? For the ultimate guide to best practice on the platform, read acclaimed digital growth consultant and thought leader Scott Hall’s new guide now!

The article offers you an in-depth analysis of Google’s popular platform for businesses, highlighting some of its lesser-known features and ways to maximize its usefulness when promoting your company in the e-commerce space.

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The guide explores why Google Ads has become an essential tool for marketing in the digital age, helping business owners and entrepreneurs across all sectors gain a potentially global foothold in their chosen market. Scott’s report offers you an actionable checklist, covering everything from setting a budget to the importance of testing.

Scott advocates for regular reviews of the bidding process on Google Ads. This system dictates how much you’re willing to spend for clicks on chosen keywords. Depending on the success of a particular campaign, it’s advisable to amend your bids to avoid overspending or underfunding a push in a given niche.

The guide also underlines the importance of reviewing these keywords often, eliminating the ones that are proving ineffective, and trialing new ones. Another aspect to consider is whether to run ads on Google’s entire Display Network, including other platforms and sites owned by the company. If you’re just starting out on the platform, Scott suggests limiting ads to Google alone.

Other strategies that the article recommends are matching ads to the correct landing pages and ensuring consistency between your content on listings and websites. Also, targeting ads to users in different parts of your sales funnels ensures that ad spending is not wasted either too early or late in a buyer’s journey.

You also get guidance on setting up ad groups and assigning keywords to each of these for maximum returns. The piece goes on to discuss the importance of ‘calls-to-action’ and optimizing ads for natural language searching, including the use of high-converting long-tail keywords which Google prioritizes over a more jumbled keyword style.

Scott Hall says, “There really is no online marketing campaign that does not include Google Ads. Not only is it one of the biggest platforms for advertising, but it is also one of the most effective. However, there is a lot to know when creating an ad for Google and you will only realize the revenue you are hoping for if you know how to use them properly.”

Scott Hall continues to support entrepreneurs in the digital space with his expert analysis of Google Ads. Check out his website today for a wealth of e-commerce resources.

Become a Google Ads master – give your business a leg up with expert analysis from Scott Hall.

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