Read This Detailed Report On Why HR Training For Your Employees Is Key

Jan 21, 2021

From arbitration and mediation to business ethics to code of ethics, your employees can have access to the whole 360 HR training package! This detailed report enlightens you on why your company needs such important training.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to address potential risks to your firm, at the hand of employees. Sign them up for the 360 compliance training package. The courses are all virtual and can be completed at any time and from any place! 

A report on the importance and benefits of Human Resources (HR) Compliance Training has been launched. The report references one training program in particular – the popular 360 Training.

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One of the main benefits highlighted in the newly launched report is that HR compliance training can help companies avoid risks related to workplace incidents. The report also highlights the fact that having effective, consistent, HR compliance training is key to avoiding certain incidents and lawsuits.

Among the workplace incidents that 360 Training HR targets are sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, and workplace relationships. Participants who undergo the training would also learn about workplace safety, code of conduct, ethics, and regulatory risks.

According to the report, there has been an increase in staff turnovers in these times. For this reason, HR compliance remains an important issue for both small and large companies.

The report also points out the fact that your staff can play a major role in the potential success or be a prime source of potential risks to your firm. This can come into play whether that organization is scaling its workforce to take advantage of new opportunities or reorganizing and reassigning staff in the face of environmental disruptions like the current pandemic or competitive pressures. 

The report points to instances where incidents can be caused by you being, or should have been, aware of potential risks to your company but doing nothing to avoid them. Through the 360 HR compliance training, you will be able to reduce the risk of fines and lawsuits which can significantly impact your businesses. 

The 360 Training compliance courses are self-paced and fully online with no classroom attendance necessary. This mode of delivery is most convenient, given the fact that such courses should be made available to employees at any time and with little impact on other work processes.

“Employees are increasingly working from other locations, and on more diverse schedules. The availability of training on mobile-friendly online, interactive formats is a significant factor in the ability of your employees to engage with the training material,” the report stated.

The report explains that employees’ engagement in the course material makes for effective training to reduce work-related incidents. This in turn helps build a company culture, inclusive of regulatory compliance.

The 360 training package comprises courses on arbitration and mediation, business ethics, code of ethics, federal acquisition regulations, among others. Courses are available in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Texas, and Utah.

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