Read The Best Book On Proper Pet Nutrition By A Holistic Medicine Animal Expert

Aug 9, 2022

If you want more pawsitive feedback from your canine pal and a good review on Bone Appetit, consider what you’re serving for dinner. Toxic sludge is never the way to go! Read Dr. Stephanie Krol’s book for better ideas!

Read The Best Book On Proper Pet Nutrition By A Holistic Medicine Animal Expert

When it comes to your dog or cat's nutrition, you're pretty much winging it - along with everyone else, even your friendly local vet. But you're well-meaning and you - reasonably - assume that a satisfied sigh, followed by deep snoring means all is right with the world.

And that may be right - depending on exactly what you're feeding your friend! After all, doesn't a tub of ice cream elicit the same reaction in you?!

Dr. Stephanie Krol's book, entitled ‘What The Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You,’ draws on the author’s professional knowledge of animal behavior and holistic nutrition, as well as research into the inner workings of the commercial pet food industry today. The guide recommends you follow a rotational diet plan based on single categories of food each day - raw meat, cooked vegetables, and natural fruits.

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The book offers you recipe samples, structured feeding programs based on the given animal’s preferences, and advice on where to get and how to make the right kinds of treats for your four-legged friend. The publication won an IBPA Benjamin Franklin award and the Independent Press Award for Distinguished Favorite in the Animals and Pets category.

While pet ownership rose during the pandemic, it converged with the trend towards natural food and health products, which also witnessed a spike in interest during this period. Natural or organic dog food - free from chemically synthesized ingredients and preservatives - promises a healthier lifestyle and longer life expectancy for people’s four-legged companions.

Furthermore, pet owners are increasingly sensitive to specialized pet nutrition requirements, depending on metabolism, body composition, and various risk factors. The growth of the organic pet food market is expected to approach 5% annually through the end of the decade.

Dr. Krol argues that commercial pet food offers insufficient - to put it mildly! - nutritional value and is inherently unhealthy, decrying the toxicity of conventional diets. Key to her reasoning is the observation that dogs have only one chambered stomach - humans by comparison have four sections - allowing for heightened toxicity levels when different food types are combined. Over time, this leads to a range of ailments and organ disorders.

Actually, if the book were read aloud, it might seem like she's screaming at you! But she's not - only at the commercial pet food industry and its veterinary enablers.

Her science-based nutrition plan - premised on functional or holistic medicine as well as terrain theory - includes food lists and weekly schedules. A member of the International Association for Canine Professionals, Dr. Krol hosts a podcast and an online community for dog lovers. An interview about the book and additional biographical information is available at

One reviewer of the book wrote: “If you have a pet suffering from allergies, vomiting, diarrhea, general malaise, cancers or autoimmune diseases and you really want to know what causes these things and how to reverse them, this is the book for you. This has saved my pet's life.”

Extending life is one thing. But what you probably dread - whether this is your 9th cat or first dog - is the suffering. And for all individual pets - and particular breeds - this can start at a very young age.

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