Best Dog Nutrition Advice

Sep 11, 2022

Rather than the commercial food you usually serve your dog, why not try some of the nutritional ideas Dr. Stephanie Krol shares in her book?

Best Dog Nutrition Advice

Did you hear of the dog that stole his owner’s food? I can’t imagine the pawdacity!

Then again, food is very important to you as a dog owner, not your food, but your dog’s.

Good nutrition leads to healthy growth and a lifetime of activity. Dr. Stephanie Krol’s book “What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You” has all the advice you need to optimize your dog’s health using proper dieting.

The book uncovers the shortcomings of commercial pet food and discusses appropriate nutritional alternatives that you can use to maintain the health of your pets. While focusing on dogs, the book also offers nutritional health advice if you are a cat owner.

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“What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You” is a book originating from Dr. Stephanie Krol’s love for her dogs and the desire to ensure they remain healthy. In the book, she teaches you how to optimize your dog’s health using a unique nutrition plan based on functional and holistic medicine.

Dr. Stephanie Krol shares the knowledge gained during the course of navigating the medical system to find a solution to her dog’s health problem. She goes into further detail on the low nutritional value of commercial pet food, which results from the mixing of various food types. According to the book, this promotes toxicity due to the nature of a dog’s stomach and, over time, leads to ailments and other health issues.

The book recommends that you follow a rational diet plan centered on one food category every day, such as raw meat, cooked vegetables, and natural fruits. In doing so, you can successfully incorporate organic foods into your pet’s diet. The book also includes species-appropriate diet alternatives.

Dr. Stephanie Krol is featured on the Be Real Show podcast, where she discusses more details about the book. You can listen to her by visiting

About Dr. Stephanie Krol

Dr. Stephanie Krol is a certified functional medicine practitioner, health and wellness coach, raw nutrition specialist, dog health coach, and simple dog lover. She is a member of the International Association for Canine Professionals and an award-winning published author.

One reviewer said: “Readers will appreciate the depth of insight in this guide, particularly how to differentiate digestive warning signs from common animal reactions to dietary detox. Most useful are the hands-on resources, including recipe samples, structured feeding plans based on animal preferences, and hints on finding (or making) safe treats.”

Now you know you need to think again before opening up that next can of dog food, or don’t you? Why not go ahead and try something out of Dr. Stephanie Krol’s book for your doggo’s dinner tonight?

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