Re-engage Cold Leads With This Expert Lead Generation Report For B2B Marketers

Jul 9, 2020

A specialist online education platform, BOE24 (Business Online Education), has launched a new report aimed at marketers who want to increase the effectiveness of their lead generation by warming up cold email leads.

Do you want to improve your lead generation? Have you considered warming up cold email leads? Do you want to improve your email marketing click and open rates? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the report for you!

Business Online Education also known as BOE24 has launched a new expert marketing report designed to help you warm up cold email prospects for effective lead generation. BOE24 believes in the power of education to help you further your skills and achieve financial security.

You can find out more at

The newly launched report suggests networking through the form of email leads can help you and other B2B marketers professionally. As you may be aware, many leads become unresponsive or simply disappear, but that does not mean they are uninterested in your product or service being offered. They may have become distracted by other things going on in their lives.

Instead of giving up on cold leads, the expert report from BOE24 suggests you should warm them back up. A few tactics can be employed when reaching out to leads, the first is to build your credibility. You can achieve this in several ways, either by adding accomplishments to your email or by using brief statements outlining your company, what you do, and why people should take note of you.

Automating emails to be sent at a set time can be an effective method for you, particularly if you send your emails at a consistent time. Some studies suggest there are optimal days and times to send emails for higher response rates. Regardless of this, sending your emails at a consistent time will increase the chances of getting high click and open rates.

Being customer and consumer friendly may sound like an obvious piece of advice, however, many companies and individuals fail to connect their self-service knowledge base directly to their emails or their home page. This simple step can lead to a seamless customer experience.

Offering incentives can give your leads a reason to check back on an email or company website. Gifts, time-sensitive discounts, or free offers such as an article or whitepaper are one of the best ways to re-engage cold leads.

A company representative said: “Aside from the advice provided, we recommend you go mobile friendly. Optimizing lead generation for mobile applications is essential as many people use their mobile phones as their primary device for checking emails.”

You can find out more via the website provided!

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