Ratchet Anvil Pruners For Elderly Gardeners With Joint Pain & Inflammation

Apr 15, 2024

Minimize discomfort and continue enjoying your green thumb with The Gardener’s Friend’s ergonomic gardening tools for seniors and arthritis sufferers.

Whether you’re beautifying your balcony with exuberant flowers, or cultivating a sprawling backyard oasis, planting, nurturing, and watching your plants thrive can be incredibly rewarding. But, if you’re dealing with hand weakness or arthritis, the physical demands of tending to your beloved garden can be more of a strain than a gain. Well, that’s where The Gardener’s Friend comes in with specially designed ergonomic gardening tools to make your green thumb dreams a reality, without pain or discomfort!

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Tools To Banish Pain & Joint Strain

Designed for ease of use and joint protection, The Gardener’s Friend’s new specialized tools make gardening more accessible and enjoyable for the elderly and individuals with a weak hand grip or arthritis.

Gardening With Arthritis

According to the CDC, 21.2 % of all adults in the United States have arthritis. Many people with the condition find gardening beneficial for their physical and mental health however, the activity can place stress on the hands, worsening joint pain and inflammation.

With soft handles and assistive mechanisms, The Gardener’s Friend’s ergonomic tools reduce strain and pain while enhancing control for a more comfortable gardening experience!

Smart Shears, Clever Clippers & More!

In the store, you can find spring-loaded Ratchet Pruning Shears to ease effort while effectively cutting through stems and branches up to 1 inch thick in stages. The anvil secateurs’ heavy-duty stainless-steel components are corrosion-resistant and boast extreme resilience under pressure.

If you find standard-sized garden shears too large, The Gardener’s Friend offers Bypass Pruners specially designed for small hands. Weighing only 4.25oz, these lightweight clippers also include a latch that can be effortlessly flipped open or closed.

To trim and shape bushes and tackle overgrown grass and weeds, and other yard work, the company offers Long Handled Hedge Trimmers. The extended handles offer greater leverage to achieve cleaner cuts with less effort and enable pruning from a standing position, minimizing the need to stretch, bend over, or kneel.

About The Gardener’s Friend

The Gardener’s Friend was founded by experienced horticulturalists Paul and Nancy Grimm whose passion for gardening was impeded by the onset of age-related conditions, arthritis, and carpel tunnel syndrome. Their experiences led them to develop tools to empower gardeners with mobility challenges and enhance their gardening experience.

“Our goal is to provide tools to folks like us for whom the task of pruning is no longer as easy as it once was,” said a spokesperson for the company. “If we can help someone continue to experience the joy of being in the garden, then our mission will have been achieved.”

For the terrific tools you need to make gardening with arthritis a breeze, visit The Gardener’s Friend Today!

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