Rajiv Jadhav & Lynn Donaldson of Lylli LaunchTools, Embrace their Inner Cat!

Aug 11, 2023

Lylli LaunchTools unveiled their newly redesigned cat-themed website: for International Cat Day

Lylli LaunchTools: The Solution to Avoiding Million Dollar Product Launch Delays for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry

Roswell, Georgia, August 10th, 2023 - In today's competitive pharmaceutical and medical device market, every day of product launch delay translates to substantial financial losses. Recent studies indicate that pharmaceutical and medical device companies face a staggering cost of $1 million, to $13 million for each day their product launch is delayed. Recognizing this critical challenge, Lylli LaunchTools is proud to introduce a groundbreaking software solution designed to revolutionize product launches strategic planning in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and life science industries.

Developed by industry veterans Lynn Donaldson and Rajiv Jadhav, Lylli LaunchTools is a state-of-the-art tool that empowers companies to achieve better, faster, and smoother product launches in 2023 and beyond. Lylli LaunchTools - an easy to use product launch strategic planning software, has innovative features that provide a comprehensive roadmap and enhanced visibility, ensuring teams can align their strategies and stay on track for successful launches.

One of the key features of Lylli LaunchTools is its interactive and dynamic visual environment, where companies and their teams can clearly see and follow their product launch strategy roadmap. Lylli LaunchTools maps the Goals, Objective, Strategy, Tactics, Key Activities/Tasks (GOSTT) hierarchy visually to encapsulate all the product strategy and implementation plan. This intuitive interface allows for efficient planning, collaboration, and decision-making throughout the launch process.

Lylli LaunchTools is suitable for Global, Regional and Local teams all at the same time. It accommodates multiple functions with firewalls so that information is only seen by those with the right role and view permissions.

Moreover, Lylli LaunchTools offers a personalized dashboard for each team member, providing a centralized platform to view assigned tasks and deadlines. This streamlined approach minimizes the need for repetitive follow-ups and ensures that every individual is aware of their responsibilities, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

To facilitate effective communication and progress tracking, Lylli LaunchTools integrates Kanban Charts and Gantt Charts. These senior management-friendly tools offer real-time status updates on the product launch, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions and address any potential bottlenecks promptly.

Lylli LaunchTools is a cloud based SaaS system which runs smoothly in any internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc) and with the highest level of data encryption.

Team members using Lylli LaunchTools can communicate with each other within the software's workspace, thereby enabling an effective communication flow and seamless collaboration.

Pricing is based on a monthly or annual payment schedule and is based on the team size, ranging from 10-1000+ users.

To help companies experience the remarkable benefits of Lylli LaunchTools, a generous special 30-day trial is being offered. No credit card needed, conditions apply. Success hungry product launch team leaders (Medical Affairs or Marketing Directors) can lead their team to success sign up for the trial at https://lyllilaunchtools.com

Lylli LaunchTools is an innovative company and who loves to engage with its customer in a genuine and authentic way. The founders are both cat lovers and choose to celebrate this by enabling cat lovers around the world to upload their Purr-fect cat photos in the cat gallery featured on the Lylli LaunchTools website lyllilaunchtools.com appropriately called the Tapawstery. Cat puns are another way for the founders to have fun with cats which can be seen across the newly redesigned Lylli LaunchTools website. people are invited to browse the entire website to discover to the different pages containing cat pictures and puns, intended to make website visitors grin and chuckle. Check out Mr Meowgi and his merry team of furry friends.

About the Founders:

Lynn Donaldson and Rajiv Jadhav, the masterminds behind Lylli LaunchTools, bring a wealth of experience and notable achievements in marketing and product launch.

Lynn Donaldson has helped a client achieve a remarkable $1.3 billion in additional revenue at launch. With her strategic insights and industry expertise, Lynn and her team have consistently delivered exceptional results for her clients using her approach of the 3Ps of Product Launch success.

Rajiv Jadhav’s impressive track record includes being featured in the Guinness Book of Records for creating the World’s Largest Online Jigsaw Puzzle for Lipton. The national campaign he spearheaded generated unprecedented demand for Lipton products, leading to complete sell-outs twice at all national retail outlets. Furthermore, the campaign resulted in a doubling of wholesale orders on two occasions, showcasing Rajiv’s unparalleled marketing acumen prowess.

With their combined expertise and proven successes, Lynn Donaldson and Rajiv Jadhav bring a unique understanding of the intricacies of marketing and product launches.

For more information about Lylli LaunchTools and to start a product launch revolution. For media inquiries, please contact:

Call or text: Lynn Donaldson +19089637747, Rajiv Jadhav +16462493561

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