Pursue Securities Fraud Litigation With A Top Florida Lawyer: No Upfront Costs

Feb 26, 2024

FINRA arbitration is not something you want to face alone. Hire a securities fraud attorney from Soreide Law Group (+1-888-760-6552).

Want to sue your financial advisor but worried about the costs? Don’t worry – Soreide Law Group has you covered.

Why? Because you will not be billed as the firm only gets paid if you are awarded recovery through litigation against your stockbrokers. This approach ensures a customer-centric approach, where you can access qualified legal advice without worrying about costs.

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Complementing its contingency billing approach, Soreide Law Group provides complimentary case assessments. This allows you to assess the viability of your case without the financial burden of hourly consultations.

According to a 2017 study by the American Bar Association, 60% of Americans reported having a civil legal problem in the past five years, but only 25% of them could afford legal help. This places individuals at a great disadvantage, given the complexity of the legal system – especially if they are suing high-powered defendants like

Soreide Law Group understands this challenge and has responded by introducing a compassionate contingency-based fee structure. This move recognizes the financial difficulties you face, especially if you’ve lost your life savings due to bad investment advice.

End-To-End Representation

The practice offers end-to-end service, guiding you through the process, from initial consultations and evidence gathering to filing lawsuits against financial advisors. This hands-on approach ensures you are supported at every stage, and your best interests are safeguarded.

Moreover, the firm specializes in Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration, providing a faster, cost-effective, and efficient alternative to traditional litigation. This legal strategy is designed to expedite the resolution of disputes so you can rebuild your finances as soon as possible.

Principal Attorney Lars Soreide says: “Our commitment to justice extends beyond mere words. We understand the financial hurdles that often deter individuals from seeking legal redress. By offering a contingency-based fee structure, we're not just representing you; we're sharing your journey, standing alongside you in your pursuit of justice.”

Florida's FINRA Specialist

Soreide Law Group is a leading law firm specializing in securities fraud and investment dispute resolution. With a history of successful outcomes and a commitment to accessible legal services, the firm advocates for the rights of individuals who have been jilted by the financial industry.

The irony of securities fraud is that it takes money to recover your money. Soreide Law Group seeks to buck that status quo. Get in touch today!

You may visit https://www.securitieslawyer.com/ for further details about the law firm and its services.

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