Puerto Viejo Beyond Summer: Activities for the Rainy Season in This Coastal Gem

May 29, 2024

Planning a Puerto Viejo this June or July? Don’t let the rain stop you. If you hate crowds and are looking for new experiences, the rainy season is probably the best time to visit.

A wet and a dry season is what defines all tropical destinations in the Caribbean, and Puerto Viejo is no different. If you're looking to cross out this paradisiacal beach town from your bucket list by visiting this June or July but are worried about the weather, don't be because the chances of being stuck inside are slim to none.

"Some people get turned off when they hear about how constantly it rains here, but it's actually the best time to visit if you're trying to get away from crowds or want to experience the rainforest at its lushest," said Cenk Kinay, who runs a boutique accommodation called Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel in Puerto Viejo.

Here's the rest of what we learned from Cenk about how non-summer trips to Puerto Viejo usually go.

Rain is not a deal-breaker

For many, the number one thing they are worried about is if there's a chance rain will ruin their trip. "If you look us up, it does seem like visiting around this time of the year is a bad idea," Cenk said. "But it's not as bad as it sounds."

Visitors can expect downpours, sure, but they tend to be sporadic, with plenty of dry time to enjoy the beaches, surfing, and other outdoor activities. And because it's also the time of the year with fewer tourists, you'll pretty much have the most popular beaches to yourself.

Wet season treks

Trekking the local rainforest during the wetter seasons has its charm. One of the most popular choices is a tour to Cahuita National Park. The 600-acre national park is famed throughout Costa Rica for its vibrant landscapes, which look more alive during the wetter months than in summer.

Cahuita is also home to diverse wildlife. So if you want to spot toucans, monkeys, and sloths, be sure to add hiking to your itinerary.

Experience Indigenous culture

If you are hoping to discover more about the local culture, guided tours to Indigenous communities can be arranged.

One such is a trip to the Bribri community, where you'll have the opportunity to learn more about their culture and traditions. The Bribri people are renowned for their understanding of local ecosystems and sustainable coexistence with the environment.

Eating in, partying out

A trip to Puerto Viejo will not be complete without sampling its local delicacies. Puerto Viejo's culinary traditions are known for blending Afro-Caribbean, Indigenous, and Spanish influences, resulting in aromatic dishes that are deeply rooted in cultural heritage.

Some of the region's most popular dishes include jerk chicken and Rondon, a rich seafood stew with a coconut milk base.

"Food and beer here is inexpensive, and the town comes alive every night with reggae," Cenk said. "Rain? You'll hardly notice it."

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