Publisher Releases Free Book That Teachers Kids & Teens About Financial Literacy

Nov 2, 2020

FUNancial Freedom Ltd has just released a financial literacy book for kids that is easy to understand, practical, and engaging.

Do you want your kids to be smart when it comes to handling money? FUNancial Freedom Ltd has a free book that can help you!

FUNancial Freedom Ltd announces the launch of its new book titled Rethink Money for Children and Teens. The volume aims to provide young minds with a practical and easy-to-understand guide to financial literacy.

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By teaching kids and teens the ins-and-outs of money, the new book can help set them up for a future of financial stability. FUNancial Freedom Ltd notes that only 55% of Irish people are considered financially literate, highlighting the need to teach financial concepts early.

Rethink Money is written for kids and teens aged 7 to 17 years old. You may also order it if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle who wants young members of your family to become money-smart.

FUNancial Freedom Ltd has made the book free for everyone. You simply need to pay for shipping and handling.

This book was written in a way that makes financial concepts easy to grasp by your kids. It uses the exclusive four-step LEAP system to facilitate learning.

The Learn section covers topics such as wealth building, savings, assets and liabilities, and needs versus wants. The Earn section, meanwhile, introduces over 30 home-based businesses a child or teenager can start.

Accelerate discusses the power of investing; it teaches simple investments that kids can make, as well as the power of compounding interest. Lastly, Play shares how young ones can give back and help their communities.

Rethink Money is written by Chris Farrell and Paul O’Mahoney, speakers and authors who have a special interest in financial literacy. Their expertise includes digital marketing, business growth, and wealth management, among others.

A satisfied parent had this to say of Rethink Money: “If you, like me, wish you had been taught important lessons about money while at school, then buy your kids this book and fix that problem right away. Every kid on the planet needs to read this book.”

Give your kids a head start in life by giving them the gift of financial literacy. Order Rethink Money for free today!

You can find more information about FUNancial Freedom Ltd and Rethink Money for Children and Teens through the URL above.

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