Protect Your Bed & Breakfast With Top Hospitality Insurance Coverage Program

Feb 1, 2024

Are you a bed and breakfast owner looking to protect your business on all fronts? Wister Insurance (888-241-1902) offers the best coverage for hospitality businesses in Maryland.

When you open your private lodging or family home to guests for a fee, your personal and business risks are intertwined. This is the unique plight of running a bed and breakfast. Wister Insurance's B&B program offers the ideal solution, providing coverage for both personal and commercial liabilities under one all-inclusive insurance policy.

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Protect Your Bed & Breakfast From All Possible Liability Claims

With its bed and breakfast program, Wister Insurance aims to be the most cost-effective option in the Maryland area, providing comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

“We have seen and defended virtually every liability claim conceivable that a hospitality business needs,” says a spokesperson for the insurance agency. With Wister Insurance’s comprehensive insurance policies and affordable premiums, owners of bed and breakfasts no longer have to bear the burden of managing commercial property insurance and personal policy separately.

Get Custom, Cost-Effective & Comprehensive Coverage

Wister Insurance's bed and breakfast program begins with four main coverage areas: building(s), contents, income, and liability. The insurance agency then conducts a thorough review of each client's business, determining the specific coverage options they need, such as liquor coverage, worker's compensation, commercial auto insurance, cyber liability, etc.

All insurance plans offered by Wister Insurance provide special form coverage, a policy that covers all types of damages or losses unless specifically excluded. This "all-risk" coverage is a reliable protective measure against the hidden liabilities involved in running a hospitality business.

The hospitality insurance agency also offers replacement cost valuation insurance, providing full coverage for damages and losses without deducting value depreciation.

About Wister Insurance

Thirty years ago, Wister Insurance pioneered the modern bed and breakfast insurance policy. With over 100 years of combined experience, the team of policymakers at Wister Insurance continues to help businesses in the hospitality industry face the complex world of risk management.

“From the small bed and breakfast to the boutique hotel resort, we specialize in meeting each customer’s unique requirements. We identify needs, find solutions, and our agents will deliver superior insurance solutions to our customers,” says a representative from Wister Insurance.

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