Protect Rugs Carpets & Fabrics With This Connecticut Sun Damage Dirt Prevention Service

Oct 20, 2017

A new rug, carpet and upholstery protection service has been launched by leading Foxboro stain removal specialists, Eco-Fabric Protection. Fiber ProTector can be used on all fabrics and carpets to protect, seal and resist stains.

Eco Fabric Protection has launched a new eco friendly fabric protector in Connecticut, covering Fairfield and New Haven counties. The new fabric protection service for carpets, oriental rugs, fabric and upholstery helps people to protect their home furnishings and benefit from increased peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that their fabrics are well looked after.

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Fiber ProTector also offers permanent stain and wear resistance. It is safe for children and pets to be around, as there are no fluorochemicals, and it is fully California COV compliant.

There are a number of benefits to the new fabric protection service. It offers permanent stain resistance, helping items to survive many professional cleanings. In addition to this, it offers permanent sun fade resistance, it seals all fabrics and carpets, and can be applied to used fabrics as well.

Customers can use Fiber ProTector on both natural and synthetic fabrics, and they will not change texture or color. In addition to this, it won’t seal in dirt or stains. It has been proven worldwide in 80 countries, helping to keep fabrics safe and protected.

The fabric protection service helps to repel soil, liquids, and can also block stains. The Eco-Fabric Protection site explains that it won’t change the look, feel or breath-ability of the fabrics the product is used on, and is also safe to be applied to delicate fabrics, and items that are listed as dry clean only.

When customers are looking for the best fabric protector, there are a number of things they must consider. These questions focus on which fabric protector to use, and whether or not there are scotchgard type protectors for high-end fabrics and rugs. Spills and stains can be a worry when they’re on important fabrics, but Eco-Fabric Protection prides itself on its fast, efficient help.

It has delivered high quality fabric protection since 1992, and this new product is the latest in their mission to provide customers with the best service when it comes to protecting and cleaning fabrics and rugs. Full details can be found on the URL above.

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