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Apr 12, 2024

Sydney homeowners are turning in droves to architectural glass trends – do you want to join them? If so, call SOS Glass Services at +61-410-311-916 for frameless glass designs in St George!

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It’s time to embrace a clear view in your home - and transparent walls can help you there! For those, turn to SOS Glass Services and its custom glazing installations in St George…

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This Sydney company’s products are designed to help accentuate your outdoor space, spanning glass pool fencing to garden-area entrances and more. What’s more, they’re made-to-measure - you have access to glass hardware that meets national safety standards.

Serving the entire St George region, these locally-based glaziers can guide you throughout your property’s thematic transition to frameless glass installations. SOS Glass Services is equipped to fit structures that reflect modern aesthetic trends both indoors and outside your home.

This glass is “IN!”

Architectural glass is among the company’s most frequent requests, a design specification that has been steadily gaining traction in recent years. Trust SOS Glass Services to install glass doors and full-length walls as interior partitions - or even external windows!

“Architectural glass is now one of the most common and highly specified building materials,” notes a company representative - adding that such glass “can be applied both internally and externally to residential and commercial buildings.”

As such, SOS Glass Services’ glazing installations include custom designs for construction and placement wherever you need them. Glass balustrades and balcony walls are available alongside the team’s pool fencing varieties, allowing you to adopt clear glass features throughout your property.  

Safety is one of the team’s central priorities, specifically utilising glazing supplies known for durability above all. With the longevity of its materials, you can see the benefit of added protection - which prevents your glass from breaking easily.

Of course, SOS Glass Services acknowledges that there’s always the chance that your glass can get damaged due to accidental impact. Don't worry, though - this team offers its help repairing or replacing glass products on-site. Call them for emergency services to limit the risk of harm caused by broken shards!

One prior customer said of their experience: “SOS Glass Services removed my existing awning windows and replaced them with fixed glass panels in my home office room. This was easily carried out with no issues due to their knowledge and experience.”

For a touch of class in your glass, contact SOS!

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