PrimalThenics Opens New Brisbane Bodyweight Fitness Center, Group Classes

Mar 14, 2020

Chris Miller of PrimalThenics now offers small group classes at a new mobility training centre in Brisbane. Achieve your fitness milestones with professional guidance in a motivating group environment.

Are you looking for a sustainable fitness program that offers you the benefits of cardio, strength training, and functional fitness? Get professional functional fitness training and the motivation of group fitness with PrimalThenics' new Brisbane Centre.   The online fitness training program provider has launched a new Brisbane functional fitness training centre in Newmarket, a northwest suburb. PrimalThenics offers live group classes for small groups to help you transform your fitness journey supported by a team of professional trainers.   PrimalThenics is a focused online and live fitness program that emphasises sustainability and long-term fitness. The program integrates High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), movement training, gym classes, calisthenics, animal movement, cardio, and other disciplines. Group classes also focus on basic fat loss, injury rehab, back pain relief, and training after injury.   The Brisbane body weight training centre several city neighbourhoods including Alderley, Ashgrove, Milton, Newmarket, Rosalie, Toowong, and Windsor.   Increase your cardiovascular fitness and health, develop joint strength, cut your excess body fat and improve your ability to train for sports events. PrimalThenics group classes can help you reduce body asymmetries, and restore a full, healthy range of movement. Stay motivated on your fitness journey with a like-minded group who share your goals and objectives.   According to a spokesperson for the Brisbane agility training centre, "We are excited to open our Brisbane centre where people can get fit fast and efficiently, prevent and overcome injuries, and train without equipment. We look forward to being the preferred bodyweight training centre Brisbane has to offer."   PrimalThenics is a comprehensive mobility, strength, and rehabilitative fitness program delivered through online or virtual coaching supported by live training sessions. The program was designed and established by Chris Miller, a professional personal trainer and fitness coach with more than 20 years' experience.   Visit for more information about functional fitness group classes in Brisbane.
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