Prepare Your Lawn For The Texas Summer With Scheduled Fertilization Treatments

Jun 2, 2020

Get scientific summer lawn fertilization services as an annual program or as a one-off treatment from TLC Landscapes today. Call 972-675-7683 or visit for a free quote.

Keeping your lawn lush and healthy all year round is no easy task, especially during the hot Texas summer months. Alongside proper irrigation, fertilization is essential to good lawn health and ensures its survival through fall and into the winter months. 

If you need professional help to manage your lawn fertilization in Frisco, TX, call local lawn management specialists TLC Landscapes today.

The lawn fertilization specialists in Frisco, TX provide scheduled lawn fertilization services and an annual “weed and feed” program that’s competitively priced and great value for money. TLC Landscapes recommends that you complete lawn fertilization during the early summer months to prepare the grass for the harsh temperatures that follow.

As part of the program, top Frisco lawn care technicians help you determine when to fertilize your lawn in Texas summer conditions. Optimum lawn nutrition and hydration ensure that grass remains in excellent health through the hot summer months. The company also recommends lawn fertilization 2 to 6 times a year. The treatment includes spot spray treatments for any visible weeds.

TLC Landscapes offers annual lawn fertilization plans in North Texas or single applications on request. The company performs a soil analysis to determine soil pH and nutrient requirements. The team then selects the type of fertilizer required and creates custom treatment schedules based on the overall health of the lawn, shade, sunshine, and other factors. 

In a recent testimonial, Brian, a customer stated, “We have been using TLC for over a year now and their yard service is excellent. Equally impressive is their customer service and response time to questions. They are always super courteous and respond right away on any questions or needed services. They just do a great job!”

TLC Landscapes offers affordable and responsive lawn mowing and turf maintenance services anywhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Other core services include weed control, lawn aeration, disease control, seasonal planting, and preparation for spring and fall. 

Call 972-675-7683 or visit and for a free quote and more information about fertilizing your lawn.

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