Prepare For HRCI aPHR Certification Exam With Online Virtual Associate Courses

Sep 14, 2022

HR Certified LLC is here to help you get your start in human resources with their new Virtual Associate HR Certification Course. Register online to begin the industry’s best HRCI aPHR exam prep.

Prepare For HRCI aPHR Certification Exam With Online Virtual Associate Courses

If you have spent upwards of three years studying to work in HR but you still can’t get a foot in the door, you need HR Certified LLC.

The purpose of their new course is to assist college graduates like yourself, as well as career changers and managers and/or small business owners who are responsible for human resources concerns. It covers essential information that you need to know in order to embark upon a successful career as a HR manager or leader.

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The launch of their new course coincides with the growth in the HR career industry that has been witnessed over the last five years. According to Statista, there are now in excess of 800,000 human resources workers in the country. However, as a recent article from the Indeed job search platform indicated, getting an entry-level job in the sector remains highly difficult.

As such, the purpose of this accredited upskilling Virtual Associate Course is to help you distinguish yourself from your competitors and gain career insights from an acclaimed industry source. The course also directly helps you to prepare for your critical HRCI aPHR exam.

The next Virtual Associate HR Certification Course is slated to commence on the 20th of September and it will run for seven weeks. However, if you have not yet graduated or if you are not yet ready to enroll, the course is currently scheduled by HR Certified several times a year.

If you participate in the course, you will enjoy, as standard, 14 contact hours with an experienced and certified facilitator. You will also be given access to the firm’s extensive online resources and networking platforms for both new and established HR workers.

You can access more information about the course program at

HR Certified is also proud to be announcing to you their upcoming panel event, which will be held live on LinkedIn. Titled ‘Untangling the Mystery of Entering the HR Profession’, this new live event is also suitable for you if you are looking to break into or grow in the HR management field.

HR Certified LLC is a nationwide firm devoted to helping people to knock down the barriers of entry in the competitive human resources field. Learn more at

A spokesperson for the firm said, “In our new Virtual Associate HR Certification Course, we bring 35+ years of professional HR and business experience that will serve as your accountability partners in your journey to certification. You don’t just have one resource, you have our entire team.”

If you want to pass your HRCI aPHR exam with flying colors, there is no better resource and course than HR Certified.

Visit to register for the Virtual Associate Course and make your HR career dreams come true.

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