Prepare For Emergencies With Survival Heirloom Seed Packages & Grow Kits!

Mar 12, 2024

If you want to be ready for any type of disaster, Survival Seeds for an Urban Area offers a handy guide to choosing top survival seed packages for emergency preparedness.

Global disaster could strike at any moment - are you ready? To help you and your loved ones stay prepared, check out the guide to survival seed kits from Survival Seeds for an Urban Area!

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The guide includes context and background information on why such a kit is important for you to have, as well as practical advice for selecting specific seed packages.

As interest in survival preparedness continues to grow, the guide from Survival Seeds for an Urban Area is designed to support you and your family in being prepared for any emergency scenario.

Be Self-Sufficient

Research published by Oxfam shows that access to seeds and farming tools in the case of an emergency is a vital part of helping families and communities survive in the case of unexpectedly catastrophic events. With this in mind, the team at Survival Seeds for an Urban Area offers step-by-step instructions on how you can stay prepared and be self-sufficient.

“Gardening isn’t just a hobby; it’s a crucial step towards self-reliance, especially when times get tough,” says a spokesperson. “Emergency survival seed kits are not just seeds; they’re your future food supply, a green insurance policy in your hands.”

Find Practical Advice

The guide outlines key components of a comprehensive seed kit, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs to provide a balanced diet. You'll also get practical advice on quantity, quality, and shelf-life for different types of seeds.

The best seed kit selections for sustainability are listed, including the Victory Garden seed vault, which offers 125 varieties of heirloom, non-GMO seeds. The kit is designed to allow you to curate a mini-ecosystem in your backyard, with a balanced and healthy garden.

Compare Options

Other kits covered include the Survival Essentials Ultimate Heirloom Seed Vault, Survival Garden Heirloom Seeds Non GMO by Grow For It, and the Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Non GMO Survival Seed Kit, also by Grow For It.

Finally, the guide offers you tips on how to know which type of kit is best, with a discussion of key factors like taste and preference, environmental compatibility, variety, growing times, and nutritional security. Advice on including medicinal herbs is offered as well, for those who wish to have provisions in case of limited access to healthcare.

Be prepared for anything - learn more about seed survival kits with advice from the team at Survival Seeds for an Urban Area!

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