ADHD Parenting Book Author Explains How To Teach Kids Emotional Regulation

May 21, 2024

K.S. Benjamin shares his journey to becoming a published author with his critically acclaimed debut book, “Raising Kids with Hearts: Building Kindness and Confidence in Kids”.

In April 2024, K.S. Benjamin self-published his debut parenting book on Amazon. The book was well-received, ranking high in Amazon's Parenting & Child Development and Child Care categories. Now, the author shares his personal experiences as a writer, detailing his journey to becoming a critically acclaimed author.

Learn all about how “Raising Kids With Hearts” came to life here!

Raising Kids with Hearts

K.S. Benjamin is a devoted family man who has fully embraced the joys and challenges of parenthood. As he proudly watched his son grow up, he felt the urge to share the valuable insights he'd gained from raising an emotionally intelligent, empathetic child.

Believing in the power of storytelling, K.S. Benjamin wrote “Raising Kids with Hearts” to enhance children's lives by educating their parents.

“"Raising Kids With Heart" by me is a transformative guide born from [my] experiences as a parent and finance professional. With practical strategies and heartfelt insights, the book empowers parents to nurture kindness and confidence in children,” said the author.

Honing His Craft

K.S. Benjamin began honing his craft long before his debut book was written, scribbling in notebooks, having late-night drafting sessions, and exploring different genres and styles.

Through his experiences as a husband and father, the author discovered his passion for sharing personal stories that inspire learning and self-improvement. Thus, “Raising Kids with Hearts: Building Kindness and Confidence in Kids” was born.

In light of the book's success and critical acclaim, the author plans to pen more stories about the complex experiences of being a parent.

Portraying The Full Depth Of The Human Experience

In addition to his non-fiction work, K.S. Benjamin intends to explore a wide range of fictional genres from fantasy to mystery. With his unique voice, vision, and boundless imagination, the author strives to portray the full depth of the human experience.

“The journey is far from over,” said K.S. Benjamin, “I continue to embark on new adventures, penning tales that inspire, entertain, and provoke thought. With each book, I invite readers to join me on a voyage of discovery, where the possibilities are endless and the only limit is the imagination.”

Telling Authentic, Real-Life Stories

K.S. Benjamin sees self-publishing as a way to maintain the authenticity of his stories. K.S. Benjamin Publishing will continue to bring stories to life that address real-life issues while giving you hope, joy, love, and adventure.

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