Prepare Children With Money Knowledge And Skills For A Secure Financial Future

Aug 11, 2020

FUNancial Freedom Ltd has announced a free webinar that gives parents information on how they can help prepare their children for a stable and secure financial future.

Do you wish you were taught about finance topics at school? Would you like to ensure your children learn the crucial skills needed for financial success?

FUNancial Freedom Ltd has announced its free webinar if you are looking to teach your children valuable financial information to help prepare them for the future.

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The newly announced webinar from FUNancial Freedom Ltd aims to inform you of the best ways to teach your children the essential aspects of finance, a subject that isn’t taught in school but is vital for a secure future.

Currently, many people around the world face financial difficulties, with many families close to insolvency from rising debts. Additionally, over half of adults are at risk of not having enough money set aside for retirement. 

One of the significant root causes of financial difficulties is a lack of knowledge being taught in schools due to an antiquated education system that doesn’t reflect the world today. This issue cascades as parents don’t have the necessary information to teach their children crucial financial life skills. 

FUNancial Freedom Ltd understands this problem and is working towards helping parents and caregivers by giving you the tools and skills to teach your children to become financially smart and prepare them for the future.

The free live webinar from FUNancial Freedom Ltd aims to show you that, through the use of short, animated videos which share practical, modern and actionable plans, you can teach your children about financial topics such as saving, growing and making money.

FUNancial Freedom Ltd is mentored by Paul O’Mahoney, an award-winning public speaker who specialises in wealth management, and Chris Farrell, an in-demand business growth and marketing speaker.

A spokesperson for FUNancial Freedom Ltd said their goal is to help children to gain mastery over a subject matter that terrifies most adults.

The live webinar is free to watch and is suitable for any parent or caregiver who wants to set their child up for financial success. Furthermore, your children are welcome to attend the webinar to gain early insight into the topics discussed.

Give your children the knowledge and skills for a secure financial future with FUNancial Freedom Ltd today!

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