Pre-Employment Background Checks For Top Managers: US Nationwide Screening

Jan 5, 2024

Don’t risk hiring new employees without screening them first. Choice Background Checks offers pre-employment screening services for employers nationwide.

Do you really know who you're hiring? In today's world, organizations lose an average of 5% of annual revenue due to employee fraud and theft. Costly hiring mistakes can be prevented when you peek behind the curtain of dazzling resumes and charming interviews.

Choice Background Checks provides complete employee screening that helps businesses like yours make the right hiring decisions the first time.

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You Can Finally Hire With Confidence

Pre-employment screening identifies any skeletons hiding in candidates' closets across critical checks:

  • Criminal history verification ensures you avoid individuals with a past of violence, theft, or fraud, keeping your workplace and employees safe.
  • Driving record screening weeds out applicants with poor driving histories that could put your company at risk if operating vehicles is part of the job.
  • Drug testing immediately filters out candidates who fail, saving you wasted time chasing bad fits.

Choice Background Checks' reports draw from hundreds of relevant databases and sources to uncover the truth. The types of records searched include:

  • National criminal record databases
  • Federal and county court files
  • Employment verification
  • Sex offender registries

Detailed Reports Protect Against Top Threats

In-depth verification eliminates numerous hazards that make hiring the wrong candidate frighteningly expensive and troublesome, such as:

Workplace theft and fraud: Screening applicants helps avoid hiring thieves to watch the cash register.

Negligent hiring lawsuits: Failure to conduct background checks can make your business liable for employee misconduct under negligent hiring rules. Pre-employment screening helps dodge hefty lawsuit settlements.

Workplace harassment: Prevent toxic company culture and sexual harassment by not hiring abusers in the first place. Screening uncovers past convictions and crimes.

Professional license issues: For licensed positions like electricians, background checks validate applicants truly have current, legitimate licensing as claimed.

Choice Background Checks simplifies pre-employment screening, so you can find the best people for the job. Forget juggling calls to previous employers and scanning countless documents by hand. Their streamlined process efficiently verifies candidate qualifications across all 50 states.

Reports You Can Trust

You receive prepared reports tailored to your unique hiring situation. Background screening is adapted to your specific needs, from verifying college degrees to specialized license and credential checks.

You even get personal guidance in interpreting results from Choice's professional, US-based customer service team.

Denise Stillman of Clear Directions, LLC shares: "Using Choice Background Checks for screening my employees has been easy and thorough. The reports are detailed and efficiently processed. I recommend them for all your employee screening needs."

You owe it to yourself and everyone who depends on your business to know exactly who you're hiring.

Let Choice Background Checks lift the burden of guesswork from your shoulders, so you can operate with clarity and confidence.

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