Potty Training Tips For Puppies: Positive Reinforcement Lessons In Redding

May 19, 2023

Are you looking to teach your dog to play well with other canines? There’s only one name you need to remember in Redding, CA! Elements K9 Training (530-457-6526) is a trusted canine training facility that offers a wide range of agility and behavioral services.

Ears to dogs making our worlds more wonder-fur! If training your sweetheart has been a little ruff, we’ve got the ulti-mutt solution for you that is incredibly paw-some!

Elements K9 Training is a professional canine training facility that uses a one-on-one approach to provide the best experience possible for you and your K9 companion!

Elements K9 Training offers potty training for puppies and teaches both adult dogs and puppies obedience commands - all using positive reinforcement so dogs learn to follow commands without anxiety or aggression.

Schedule your appointment today at https://elementsk9training.com

Elements K9 is on a mission to provide high-quality dog training at affordable prices. Before any service is recommended, the team at Elements will ask you to complete several forms that detail necessary information about your canine companion. This information is then used by the master trainer to develop a custom course so that the dog learns faster and with much more joy.

All courses are done with the direct supervision and input of Garrett Beckwith, a certified expert dog trainer. According to Garrett, everything a dog does is for a reason, so it’s important to train a canine companion to behave properly, especially if they will spend the majority of their time inside a home.

Elements K9 says that aside from its private lessons, it also offers virtual training for owners who live outside the state. However, virtual training is recommended for dogs who have already been trained but may simply need some fine-tuning of skills. Owners of puppies are still highly encouraged to schedule private lessons so that the trainer can establish a more authentic bond with the dog.

Want something more comprehensive? Elements has got you covered! They offer a boarding school where your dog can stay in a comfortable place as they are trained. Elements offers this fur-tastic service so that your dog will experience the magic of training! After all, they believe in the phrase, “don’t stop retrieving, hold on to the feeeeeling!” (Don’t be melan-collie about our puns. We just want to inject some paw-sitivity into your life.)

Aside from learning how to obey commands, canine training can also strengthen a dog’s socialization skills and build their confidence around humans.

A spokesperson for the company wrote, "Throughout all stages of their life, each K9 develops differently. Here at our facility, we target the root of each obstacle or behavioral issue, that your K9 may be facing. We do this by creating a customized training program/course that best suits their needs (as well as yours) in order to set them up for a lifetime of success, freedom, and happiness."

Go to https://elementsk9training.com so you can learn more.

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